What are you going to use aNewSpring for?

Chances are you’re here to find out how you can use a learning platform for your learning initiative. There are many different types of training, too many to list on this page. However, here are a few to get you started.

Blended Learning

What is blended learning? Blended learning is a rich mix of learning interventions which take place online and offline. There are an unlimited number of training blends. Many training providers use aNewSpring to add an online training component to a (traditional) classroom course.


What is onboarding training? When new employees start at an organisation, they typically need to acquire new skills, behaviour and knowledge of the company they will be working for. Use an online learning platform like aNewSpring to get your new hires up to speed, quickly.

Product training

What is product training? Products are changing frequently and new products are added to a portfolio. Product training ensures that teams (e.g. product managers, sales staff, sales director) who interact with them are kept up to date.

Skills training

What is skills training? Skills training teaches participants skills. Examples of skills training are: sales training, communication training or presentation skills training.

Learning Ecosystem

What is a learning ecosytem? An ecosystem for learning and performance support is a system that contains a variety of learning and performance support interventions and approaches. They are all interconnected and support users (people at work) in getting their jobs done.

Certification training

What is certification training? To obtain a certification, individuals need to pass an exam. Think of a written test to obtain your driver’s license, a language test, or an exam to obtain an IT certification.  Usually the training includes a large database of practice questions. Use the MemoTrainer function of aNewSpring, to help your customers pass exams.

Compliance training

What is compliance training? When employees need to be aware of laws, regulations and internal corporate policies and procedures to do their job, they follow compliance training. Examples of compliance training are Competition Law, Business Ethics, Code of Conduct and Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA).

Safety training

What is safety training? Various industries have mandatory safety training. The training can be somewhat generic, like First Aid training but it can also be very specific. An example of an industry where safety training plays a large part is the oil & gas sector where preventing accidents and mistakes is very important.  

Distance learning

What is distance learning? Distance learning has its roots in students taking courses without being physically present at school and sending in assignment via regular mail. Today it’s common to use an online platform to enable distance learning.

Continuous learning

What is continuous learning? If you’re covering a lot of knowledge, or if you offer long term training programs, it is very beneficial to use an online platform which constantly engages the participant. Use the adaptive features in aNewSpring together with the MemoTrainer.

Language training

What is adaptive language training? Typically, language skills per participant differ a lot. That’s why giving everyone the same language training is not very efficient. By using an adaptive platform like aNewSpring every participant receives a training course which challenges them and teaches new skills, quickly.


What is 70:20:10? According to the 70:20:10 model what we learn comes from different sources. About 70% comes from new and challenging experiences, 20% from developmental relationships (e.g. communities, networks, coaching) and 10% from formal education (e.g. training and structured courses). The aNewSpring platform can support all three categories of learning.

Corporate MOOC

What is a corporate MOOC? It’s a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) created by a company to train a very large group of people. It can be considered as a form of corporate training. 

Workplace learning

What is workplace learning? Organisations want to stimulate learning in the workplace. Various resourses are used to support this, think of a job coach, assignments, tests, and an online learning platform to tie it all together.

Social learning

What is social learning? In short, it’s the learning taking place in a social context. People love to learn from and with each other. How does this translate to an online learning platform? Participants log in to the learning environment to go through various modules, they meet each other, they join groups, discuss various topics and collaborate.

Corporate academy

What is a corporate training academy? In a nutshell, it’s an online platform (or catalogue) where employees can review all training that’s available to them to build their skills and competences. The academy (though a platform) also tracks and measures the performance of the various types of corporate training and it can be integrated with existing systems to ensure reporting is up to date.

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