Having a training business is more than building courses

 Becoming more successful as a training provider with aNewSpring goes beyond just building a learning journey. From helping hundreds of customers of all shapes and sizes, we know which steps to take to make sure you get the most out of your blended training. Just like running a restaurant is more than preparing meals, running a training business is much more than simply building courses.

That’s why we have created this methodology: the aNewSpring Success Framework, a learning journey that helps you get the most out of the platform. During these training sessions, you will be thoroughly introduced to the aNewSpring environment. Each step in this framework will bring you closer to a successful implementation.

Stefan van den Tol
Chief Customer Officer, aNewSpring

What’s in it for me?

More training success

Maximize the impact you’re aiming for with your training by learning about the entire process of creating blended training; from concept to results. Create the optimal blend to make the most of your strengths and skills as a training provider.

Learning by example

Experience the possibilities of the aNewSpring platform while you’re learning about developing blended and online training. Get inspired from the examples we’ll show so that you can build an effective and enjoyable training course for your participants.

Any time, any place

Practical and to-the-point, no prior knowledge about online training is necessary
. You can take the course at your own pace, on your own time and on your preferred device.

What can I expect?

The aNewSpring Success Framework consists of seven steps to get the most out of aNewSpring. These seven steps will help you set realistic and measurable goals within a certain timeframe. It will also help you to plan the actions to be taken to realise these goals.

A Customer Success Manager will guide you through these steps.

Step 1:

Desired outcomes
and First value

You will start with determining your goals, to make sure your learning journey will have the impact you’re aiming for.

Step 2:

Implementation Map

Switching to a (blended) learning solution can have quite an impact. In this step we will discuss the scope and conditions of this implementation.

Step 3:


Creating a good design for a learning journey is crucial. In this step we will create a design for your learning journey.

Step 4:


B is for build! We will focus on creating the template in aNewSpring. The template is the backbone of all of your training courses.

Step 5:


We will start focusing on the last few steps. In this case, ensuring all of the stakeholders are on board so we can deliver the final product.

Step 6:


Your course is live and your participants are going through your course. We’ll be focusing on the instructor role in aNewSpring and how you can best help and guide the participants.

Step 7:


In this step you will reflect on your First value. Have you achieved your goals? What are the next steps to improve your course and get even closer to achieving your First value and Desired outcomes?

How do I join?

How can I sign-up?

Anyone who’s using aNewSpring for Organisations gets access to the Success Framework, including guidance by an aNewSpring Customer Success Manager.

Curious to get started right away?
Get in touch with us and let’s start collaborating.