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If you have any questions, first check out our Support Site, where you can find lots of helpful articles, videos and webinars. If you can’t find your answer there, our Support Team and other aNewSpring users are happy to help you out. 

Or book other services to create an even better product

Basic aNewSpring Training

Basic aNewSpring Training

This training is a must when you plan to work with the aNewSpring platform intensively. During this training we attend to the basic structure of the platform. You will create your first materials in aNewSpring, build a learning journey with them and add learners.

  • Specially designed for starting clients and new users
  • Learn to develop simple materials, build a learning journey and add learners
  • Take a look at managing your learning environment
  • The result: after the training you can work with aNewSpring on your own
Designers Training

Designers Training

‘Working together on the structure of your learning journey’
Looking for the perfect course flow? A designers workshop could help you! During this workshop we together create a blueprint of your ideal learning journey. We will make use of all the platform functionalities that can add value to it. This way you get a clear image of what a learning journey will look like through your learners’ eyes.

  • Let your wishes connect with our technology
  • Determining together which functionalities will add value
  • See the course through the learners eyes
  • The result: a complete blueprint of your learning journey
Author Training

Author Training

‘Get to know everything you need to create beautiful content’
In the Author Training you will teach you how to create content in aNewSpring. All the different content and questions types will be reviewed in this practical training.

  • Content management (structure and grouping of the content library)
  • Knowledge and evaluation content library
  • Content types
  • Question types
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Result: be able to properly create all content and question types in a organized and clean platform
Administrator/Instructor Training

Administrator/Instructor Training

During this training we will envelop ourselves in the administration functionalities, the role of the Instructor and among other things publishing of the learning journey.

  • Exploring the different ways of creating users
  • Exploring the different methods of granting access to a learning journey
  • Explaining the possibilities of the Mentor and Instructor roles
  • For the test phase, pilot phase or the final product
  • Result: after this training your first learning journey can be ‘live’ and instructors will know what they can do within the platform
Implementation Guidance

Implementation Guidance

If you know how your learning journey should look like you want to deliver it as soon as possible. The first implementation steps are crucial and we would really like to support you. We can support you in fine tuning the concept, creating a pilot product and setting up the administrative process in relation to user management.

  • Step by step guidance to implement your course design as efficient as possible
  • Checking the concept, content, available manpower and platform knowledge you need
  • Support in process design, such as realisation of linking with administration
  • The result: a fully designed platform in which you can achieve your goals
Private Support

Private Support

Setting up your learning journeys or for example adaptivity is something we can help with. We can help you via Private Support. You will get a skilled member of our support staff at your disposal who will help you answer all questions you have. the Basic aNewSpring Training is mandatory for private support.

  • Answers to all your questions about aNewSpring functionalities
  • Working together on your case and materials you’ve already created in aNewSpring
  • Individual support when it suits you best
  • The result: Being able to practice the new knowledge you gained
Look & Feel

Look & Feel

Give your learners an unique experience and let us create a platform look & feel for you. Style works independent from content, so one look & feel can be used for multiple courses. Or of course offer one course in different look & feels.



A personalized app for you and your learners to enjoy. The MemoTrainer App in your own look & feel and name will make sure it is easier found by your learners in the App Store or Google Play. After downloading learners can directly start their course. Contact us for more information.

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