Your course administration needs a strong backbone

That’s exactly what Coachview offers with automated processes that result in lesser manual work and a better overview of your training backend.

aNewSpring and Coachview collaborated to get the best results for their client KPE. Want to get insights on what this collaboration can do for you? Dive into this case with us to learn how this partnership was beneficial.

How two platforms worked seamlessly together to help KPE build an effective safety training program for construction site workers

The context
Let’s take a look at the client, KPE

KPE Groep is a training company focused on the construction and real estate industry, and has been an aNewSpring customer since 2017.

What were they looking for?

KPE wanted to develop a training programme to promote safe practices for workers at construction sites and also manage the learners (workers) who enrolled in their courses. With the aNewSpring platform, they were able to build a comprehensive safety training program; providing managers with practical support in their supervisory role, to ensure safe behaviour at worksites.

On the other hand, KPE also had to ensure learner registration, course management and workflow automation were set up efficiently to manage all of the learners who enrolled for this safety training programme.

A dual challenge
Learner side and management side

KPE Group wanted to ensure that their safety training program had a significant impact on learners. In addition, they also needed to enrol them into the course, and manage them in the backend without any hassle.

How to promote safe behaviour
in high-risk environments?

KPE understood that lowering the incidence of risky situations goes beyond setting up rules and regulations. Providing construction workers with the right training is equally important, so they are able to recognize and keep an eye out for risky behaviour.

So, KPE invested into the Brain Based Safety theory. At its core, it promotes safety by increasing safe behaviour. KPE wanted their training program to accelerate behaviour transformation by encouraging learners to begin ‘doing’ things together!

How to manage all the registered learners
effectively and efficiently?

For training businesses, it is important to efficiently manage training sessions, registrations, commercial processing and enrollment.

As is the norm for most business in the real estate and construction industry, KPE hosted several of their trainings face-to-face on location or online. Earlier, before investing in an administrative solution, they scheduled all their appointments manually. Processing and enrolling customers this way was a lot of work.

The learning and the management of learning handled seamlessly by the integration between aNewSpring & Coachview

Impactful training delivered
by aNewSpring

For KPE, data revealed that training with interventions significantly improved training transfer.

So, on KPE Online (their aNewSpring learning environment), the learning journeys included interventions such as e-learnings with audio support (via Articulate), assignments, videos, tests, documentation and more.

In this specific example, the training was designed for first-line supervisors, since they positively influenced the safety behaviour of site workers.

Efficient learner management
with Coachview

Coachview enables learners to register for courses on e-learning platforms such as aNewSpring and provides them access to those courses. With an emphasis on education administration, Coachview facilitates automated communications with other integrated systems.

It literally sits at the heart of course administration, organising and automating all course related tasks and actions. Once an automated workflow and templates are ready, Coachview can then create accounts, emails, certificates, and invoices. All of these can then be tracked and placed in context at all times.

The ability to integrate with Coachview through a plug-in helped KPE automatically communicate with a registered learner without any manual intervention.

What made the learning stand out?

A rich learning environment is created by applying and combining “online, offline, work©” (KPE’s blended learning method) interventions. Throughout the learning journey, KPE made sure that there is a focus on both common outcomes and personal learning objectives. But, how did they achieve this within the learning platform?

Towards the beginning and the end of a competence block, participants go through a formative assessment that shows their progress over time. Based on this, they can choose to pay more attention to specific competences or revisit others.

Eventually, learners conclude each block with a reflection on the competence and then talk to a construction site worker they supervise. Later, they reflect on the competence activity to formulate a SMART goal on which they want to focus.

The results
A comprehensive learning package

Imagine aNewSpring and Coachview as two sides of the same coin. On the one side, aNewSpring houses all the course material and helps manage the “learning”. On the other side of the coin, Coachview ensures a smooth onboarding experience for learners, making it easy to find relevant information about customers, prospects and students.

For a training business, Coachview helps with scheduling, registration, and tracking learners’ activities within their aNewSpring learning environment, thus delivering personalised, blended learning at scale.

Ultimately, the integration between aNewSpring and Coachview offers a multifunctional, comprehensive package for training companies, with a focus on efficient learning.

KPE is one example relying on the strong expertise of both players in the learning technology space. This enables learners to keep up with new skills, compliance regulations and respond to the challenges.

Curious what aNewSpring can do for you?

aNewSpring offers training companies a learning platform which enables them to create, curate and deliver blended learning, social learning, or adapative elearning that adapts to each individual.

Today, over 400 customers rely on the platform to provide professionals a learning journey that helps them learn smarter and perform better.

Want to know more about Coachview?

Coachview builds flexible course administration software that helps you organise your training more effectively.

They describes their software as the backbone of your course administration. All processes can be executed and automated within their system.

Not only does this result in a better overview but also in less manual work.