How to sell your e-learning

aNewSpring joined forces with @Marguerite Inscoe to create content around the topic ‘How to position and sell online training’. Marguerite is an inbound marketing and sales consultant at Madison Marketing Group. She helps B2B companies, particularly those in the training and consulting industry with designing their lead generation strategy and enabling sales.

10 tips on how to sell e-learning

Grab a copy and get fresh and actionable insights for your training organisation’s sales and marketing strategies.


Tip 3 & 4:
Make your website the hub of activity

During the first webinar of the series the importance of buyer persona driven campaigns and the power behind inbound marketing for training providers are discussed.

Tip 5:
Leverage efforts with marketing automation

If you want to keep up with the preferences of consumers today, you will need to automate your processes. Otherwise, you don’t have the time or data to do marketing properly.

Tip 6: 
Integrate all your marketing campaigns

Many of us still remember the days where you could run an ad, do a mailing, or list yourself in the Yellow Pages, and business came in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

Webinar: Introduction to Lead Ads