Milestone! On Tuesday 23 February we had a new release of the aNewSpring platform. We are excited about it and Rik, our Product Designer, will tell you more about this release:

Next level learning journeys with aNewSpring

We believe that the platform is more that just a toolbox. It should empower our users’ learning journeys to a higher level. With this release we aim to help our clients launch their learning journeys faster and with more ease. For this release we came up with a new menu structure that took the platform a step closer to a more pleasant user-friendly interface. On top of that, we also decided to go with a visual redesign of the back-end. With the redesign the goal was to give training providers an improved working environment for their inspiring learning journeys.


Feature expansion: Personal learner advice is now configurable

Some learning journeys are set up as community or task support and reference. The feature ‘Personal advice’ did not fully support that. Because of this participants would get suggestions, after finishing an activity, that did not met their expectations. Luckily it is now possible to determine when an advice box needs to be showed and how this should function. This is a frequently asked feature and we hope that the experience of course participant will improve in a pleasant way.

advice in aNewSpring
Rik Product Designer

The back-end got a makeover

If you have a look at the before and after screenshots below, you will see that the back-end received a visual makeover:


aNewSpring Release back-end menu update



The back-end got a consistent and modern look. At first you will think: “Is this it? A black stroke?” It might not seem as an extreme makeover like the ones you usually see on TV but it’s far from the full story.


Back-end menu: user-friendlier, better overview and more control

User-tests have pointed out that the switch between back-end and front-end was not always clear. We have addressed this issue by reducing the difference between these two menus and by doing so made the ‘switch’ uncluttered. The navigation bar, with the most useful options for users, will also stay at the top screen. This way users can also easily switch to other parts of the application when they scroll down to the bottom of their screen. With this change we aim to give the developer a better overview and control of where he is.


Time saver: activate activities directly from within the template

Before this release it was necessary for each version to be activated manually in cases such as publishing an activity. For this you would need to take more or less 10 steps per version. Some of our clients have 100+ versions for their templates. It could easily be the case that you would have to click 1000 times before this activity became active for all participants. I don’t think that is the most fun way to get through your day.
Luckily it is now possible to activate activities and blocks directly for all corresponding versions. This change is a time saver for a user as there are less actions that need to be repeated. With this we hope that users will have more time and focus for their learning journeys.


What’s next?

We are happy with this release but we are already busy with our next step. In the coming release we will take steps that will, for instance, let users work with the back-end faster and and more effective. Because the executed optimizations will also make sure that future improvements can be implemented in the user-friendliness with more ease and swiftness.  

So in short, I’ll be back(-end)!

Not familiar with our platform? No worries, we don’t mind giving you a demonstration! We can also tell you what the platform can do for your learning journeys.