Release 77:
Improved assessing, screens,
shadowing and more

by Govert de Jong
04 December 2018


n the product release of Tuesday 4th of December, we’ve added many enhancements for the instructor, which allows him/her to work more efficiently. We’ve also added some other features.

In the video below I’ll tell you more about it.
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Reassessing assignments and switching assessor

Whoops! You made a mistake with grading an assignment? No problem, you can now reassess open questions and (video) hand-in assignments as an instructor. To do so, make sure ‘reassessing’ is enabled at the activity. This can also be done if a template has been published. Started a new template? Then this option is switched on by default.

Did the learner choose the wrong assessor? A learner can now change the assessor when he has handed in the (video) hand-in assignment. Note that this can only be done when it hasn’t been assed yet.

Enhanced overview for the instructor

Shadowing a course has now been easier for an instructor.
You will now see some text when you hover over the eye-icon. Also, when you shadow a course you will see two new buttons: ‘Back to instruct’ and ‘Stop shadowing course’. When you are on your instructor overview page and you are already shadowing a course you can now click on the blue eye-icon to continue with your shadowed course.

The filter has been expanded on the overview of the instructor.
An instructor now has more options to filter courses. This filter will be applied across all pages, which will make sure it filters all available courses of an instructor. Sorting now also done across all pages.

Assessing? Piece of cake

Assessing has been made easier for the instructor. He/she can now choose ‘Assess and next’, which means an instructor does not have to go back to the overview but can assess one after the other. Also, optimisations have been added when providing a score to an assignment. You can now, type, us the arrows at the ‘score spinner’ and scroll with your mouse to choose the right score for the assessment.

Provide more information at a webinar or external activity

You can now add additional information at these activities, which allows a learner to start the activity and read about it before continuing. For example, you could add instructions to your webinar, before they can start.

Other features

Want to know what we’ve added and optimized further? Check out the full release notes here.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please don’t hesitate to contact support!