Release 76:
Published lessons now adjustable,
new text editor and many more optimisations!

by Govert de Jong
25 September 2018


ur latest release will appear on Thursday the 27th of September and contains many optimizations of the platform. In the video below I’ll tell you more about it. Prefer to read? Scroll down a bit.

Published lessons? Adjust them now!

Not being able to adjust published lessons is something that we really did not like. Well, we have some great new this release!

You are now able to add and hide content in published lessons. When you are adding or hiding content in a lesson it may have an impact on people in your course. That’s why you will see a notification about what the implications could be and you need to verify that you want to proceed with making the changes.

In the activity types Assignment, Lesson, 360 Feedback, Scan and Inquiry, you can now change the order of the content when it is published as well.

We are taking on these technical challenges and continue to make sure you are able to optimise your learning journeys, quickly and easily.

Style it like you want it (with the new text editor)

We’ve implemented a new text editor that allows you to format and style text the way you want to. It has been added for the back-end roles, for the instructor, and for learner roles. Next to creating texts easier you can now also erase the style of a selection of text, add tables and special characters. Simply log in to check out the new text editor.

Complete content of evaluation activities now visible after completion

Do you create training where it’s not all about testing knowledge, but is mostly based on reflection? This development really helps in improving that experience. When you complete an evaluation activity (e.g. an inquiry) content parts will remain visible.

This way you can create a lesson which contain evaluation questions. After completion, a learner can go back to the activity and review his given answers and the additional information.

Assessment and Random Assessment merged

These merged activities have some great benefits for you:

  • All functionalities from both activities can now be used in this single activity.
  • You can now randomise questions within an assessment, without using exam terms.
  • The interface of this activity settings page has been changed, making it easy for you to choose the right settings that best suit your situation.

Do you have any feedback on the new lay-out of this activity? We are curious to know! Shoot us a message.

Other optimisations

Want to know what we’ve added and optimized further? Check out the full release notes here.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please don’t hesitate to contact support!