Release 73:
Adjustable administrator rights, drag & drop activities
and blocks and much more awesome stuff!

by Govert de Jong
4 March 2018


n March the 6th the latest version of aNewSpring will be live. You’ll mainly see improvements at the back-end of the platform. I’ve explained more in the video below. Prefer reading about it? Just scroll down a little bit further.

Adjustable rights for the administrator

Because you do not necessarily want an administrator to be able to use all posible options, you can now turn the rights of an administrator on and off. For allowing him or her to subscribe learners, create and manage content libraries, or manage events. For the complete list, check out our release notes.

Drag activities, blocks and widgets to change the order

Want to change the order of activities, blocks and widgets in your template? Just simply click on them and drag them to their new place. Now, isn’t that sweet?

‘Courses’ renamed to ‘Templates’

In our own experience and through feedback from you, we realised that ‘courses’ in the main navigation was causing confusion. The terms ‘courses’ and ‘templates’ are meant to refer to different levels. Therefore, we renamed ‘courses’ to ‘templates’ to clarify which one you are actually working on. The term ‘courses’ will remain for the actual courses you subscribe learners to. If you create a template now, you will see ‘template name’ and ‘template type’ instead of ‘course name’ and ‘course type’. Additionally, ‘Course content’ is renamed ‘Content’ and ‘To do’ is renamed to ‘Blocks & activities’.

Link events to courses

You used to link events to templates via content libraries. This has been changed for the better, as you can now directly link an event to the courses themselves. You can do this (as an admin) at the ‘Activities’ tab of a course. This interface also got a facelift, so it is now consistent with the rest of the pages. This means a designer only places events activities in templates. The linking of events will take place at the courses. I cover this in the video (see above).

List of quick wins and miscellaneous changes

  • At the Fill-in-the-blanks questions you can now add blanks in words.
  • Activities no longer need unique names.
  • ‘Course content’ renamed to ‘Content’.
  • ‘To do’ renamed to ‘Blocks & Activities’.
  • At the reporting engine you can now add:
    • Template name and title.
    • Block name.
    • ‘Course completing activity’; the score, status and date of completion.
  • ‘Base course grade on’; the score, status and date of completion.
  • Mail notifications for free orders made adjustable.
    • When you remove learners in a user group, you now get the following options:
    • Only remove from group.
    • Remove from group and make courses expire.
    • Remove from group, delete subscription and results.

Full release 73 notes

Check out the full release notes. If you have any questions, shoot us a message at support!