Release 72:
QR-codes, threshold per question
and a lot of quick wins!

by Govert de Jong
22 December 2017


n December 28, 2017, we released the latest version of aNewSpring. Our developers have added a lot of impactful quick wins, along with some new features. Enjoy the video below where I cover the main features of this release, or continue reading.

QR codes to help people learn

Add QR codes directly to your activities to use them in your performance learning modules or place them in your physical text book. Simply add an external ID to your activity and generate the QR code. Download and print the code in a textbook or paste it on an object. Or add a QR code to the coffee machine at the office to help your colleagues get it going again when the machine breaks down.Then, use the MemoTrainer app or a custom app to scan the code; the specific activity automatically opens in the app — straight to the exact information you need at that time!

Questions with threshold

Have a question that should be marked as correct, even if not all the correct answers have been given? Well you’re a lucky (wo)man. This release enables you to add a threshold to the question types: multiple choice; fill in the blanks – text; fill in the blanks – drag & drop and matching. For example, setting the threshold to 2/3 will mean that if the learner has two out of three answers correct, the question will be marked as correct. If the learner meets the threshold, but didn’t answer all questions correctly, feedback will be shown in orange.

List of quick wins and miscellaneous changes

  • Login screens have changed (login box and access code box have been separated from each other).
  • Now able to add exam terms to questions that have been linked to templates, but do not yet have an exam term.
  • Password change can be forced at first login via the import of users and via addUser/updateUser calls in our API.
  • The table of contents is always shown when opening documentation activity.
  • The hand-in button for hand-in assignments is now placed below the description of the assignment.
  • The hand-in button is now visible and disabled when there is no instructor linked to a course yet.
  • External activity can be made available in personal learner advice (optional).
  • The QR code option is visible in the custom apps and MemoTrainer app.
  • Changes have been made to improve performance on the course overview and content overview pages, due to increased usage of these pages.
  • When reporting on learner groups, the reporting engine only shows courses related to that learners’ groups.

Full release 72 notes

Check out the full release notes. If you have any questions, shoot us a message at support!