Release 67 of aNewSpring:
The brand new catalogue has arrived

I’m very excited about our brand new release as it lets you easily create stylish products with the new catalogue feature. It’s something I believe is going to make a big difference. Check out the post below! Also, subscription methods have been simplified and a few other things have been added.

Hope you enjoy this release as much as I do.

Picture Govert de Jong
Govert de JongOnboarding specialist

The brand new catalogue

Our brand new catalogue will allow you to present your products with more style than ever before. A product can contain multiple courses, each with their own description. On top of that it is a lot easier to create catalogue products and configure existing ones. Check out how it’s done.

Subscription methods have been removed

But don’t worry, they are still there! When you create a new course, you no longer have to choose a specific method (except if you want to use a learner group). This makes it much simpler to create new courses, both for yourselves and future aNewSpring clients.

Create new course learning platform anewspring

Other cool features and changes in release 67

  • On the Settings page you can now make the catalogue visible yourself and choose the catalogue manager
  • Textual feedback added when grading an external activity
  • Before this release, discussions were either on or off. With Release 67 it is possible to enable discussions in activities or in the course overview. Of course, you can still enable both.
  • Term change: ‘Student’ to ‘Learner’
  • Term change: ‘Catalog’ to ‘Catalogue’

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