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Host online meetings, without an external tool,
directly in aNewSpring

As the demand for online training grows, for many educators, the first question is:
“how do we deal with those face-to-face moments that we did offline before?”

Are you a trainer and do you want to use videoconferencing for your course groups?

The aNewSpring platform already has numerous possibilities for bringing classroom training online (partially or fully), and the latest addition is our own video conferencing feature.

It’s easy to use, can be deployed cleverly as a didactical tool and is endlessly flexible.

Learn all about the possibilities or request for this feature directly if you’re a customer.

1. The benefits

Effortless integration into your learning journey

The video conferencing feature is fully integrated into aNewSpring, which makes it simple and seamless when using it as a trainer or a training provider and for your learners. You don’t need an external tool like Zoom or GoToMeeting.

Video conferencing can provide didactical benefits over other (live) online learning methods such as webinars or virtual classrooms.

It’s less complex and can offer more personal interaction or communication.

The videoconferencing feature summed up:

  • The video conference is played directly in aNewSpring and blends smoothly into your learning journey.
  • No other accounts or software are required; participants and supervisors can get started without additional logins.
  • It converts online meetings into an assessment with scoring, register attendance or planning for multiple sessions for working in groups.
  • The number of rooms, participants and sessions are unlimited.
  • Everything takes place in your own learning environment, in your corporate styling and with solid security.

Do you want to delve further into the technology? Read on, on the support page.

Are you sure you want this feature? Request for it directly at the bottom of this page.

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2. Security

Optimal protection because everything takes place within aNewSpring

To prove that your data is safe with us, we’ve implemented an information security management system (ISMS) and we’re ISO 27001 certified.

Keeping your content and course data safe is our highest priority.

  • All of our servers are stored at top-tier data centres in Europe. They are all measured against industry standards and meet certifications such as ISO 27001 (information security management) and ISO 9001 (quality management).
  • The video stream always goes through HTTPS; an SSL certificate is, therefore, a must in order to use the feature.
  • Everything happens within aNewSpring; only participants who already have access to the learning environment can log in. So there is no question of privacy-sensitive meeting IDs or URLs.

“Many customers ask specific questions about the security of our platform. I’m glad they do. It shows they take responsibility for the data of their customers. Many times, security doesn’t get the attention it deserves.”

Remco Rotteveel
Chief Technology Officer
Read more about aNewSprings security

To learn more about how we handle security, read Mayella’s blog about our ISO 27001 certification.

Are you sure you want this feature? Request for it directly at the bottom of this page.

3. FAQ

Do you have a few more questions about the new functionality?

Below are the questions we are often asked. If your question is not included, please send an email to We’ll make sure you get the answer to your question quickly.

» What is the maximum number of participants?
There is no maximum to how many participants can participate at the same time. Of course, you, as a trainer or educator, can set a maximum number of registrations.

» Can I also meet 1:1 in aNewSpring?
Of course! The system is excellent for 1-on-1 conversations, to give your students personal guidance..

» Can I share my screen online?
Yes, you can. With one push of a button, you immediately share your screen with your participants, for example, to easily give a presentation.

» What does it cost to use this functionality?
It costs 0,3 cents per participant per minute. Click here to read more about the costs.

» Am I able to see the consumption?
Yes, the environmental manager has access to an overview of consumption.

» Are there any fixed costs?
No. If you don’t use the functionality for a month, you won’t have to pay that particular month.

» I don’t see this functionality in my environment. How can I turn this on?
Due to the extra costs, this function is not enabled by default. You can do this by filling out this form.

» How am I supposed to pay?
You will automatically receive an invoice at the end of the month.

» Is aNewSpring going to expand this functionality?
We have many ideas and options, but we would like to hear from our users, like you, how we can be of even better service. Please share your feedback by sending a message to We can use your input to prioritise.

Want to read more about the videoconferencing feature of aNewSpring versus external tools? Read our blog in which we will discuss this further.

Are you sure you want this feature? Request for it directly at the bottom of this page.

Easily set up the event from your template. You will have the option of choosing the video conference or an external tool.
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4. Pricing

There’s no such thing as a free lunch

You’d like to know what it costs? We are open and transparent about our prices. Videoconferencing is charged separately and costs 0,3 cents per participant per minute.

If you are not yet familiar with our license model, you can read more about this on the pricing page. The pricing of videoconferencing usage works as follows:

Let’s say you meet an hour a week with a group of 10 participants as part of your course. Then, you pay 10 x 60 (minutes) x 0,3 euro cents = 1,80 euros per online meeting. You pay €1,80 x 4 meetings per month = 7,20 euros.

If you want to work out for yourself what this looks like for your program, here’s how it goes:

Want to know more about the pricing of aNewSpring for both the trainer version and the organisation version? Go to the pricing page.

Are you sure you want this feature? Request for it directly at the bottom of this page.

In the overview, you can see the number of minutes used.
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5. Get feature

Do you want to start facilitating online sessions directly in aNewSpring?

The videoconferencing functionality is disabled by default on the aNewSpring platform so you can’t turn it on yourself. If you fill out the form, we will turn it on for your specific learning environment.

After you’ve sent the form, we’ll start working on your request and turn on the functionality shortly after.

You will then receive a confirmation from us within 24 hours on working days. If you have any questions, you can always email

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