User experience

Your learners enjoy an intuitive UI so they can fully concentrate on learning.

Learning goals

Each learner gets advice on what to do next based on their learning goals and results.

rich variety of
Learning activities

Mix and match quizzes, events, surveys and other learning activities.

Progress feedback

Your learners receive detailed feedback on their progress, learning goals and results.

Classroom training

Integrate your offline training and sync with calendars from Google or Outlook.

SCORM certified

Easily enrich your existing SCORM content with social and adaptive functionality in aNewSpring.

Blended learning:

don’t just offer training courses, offer a learning journey instead!

Engage learners and build a course that includes a variety of learning activities, like videos, assessments, lessons and even practical training in a classroom.

Use diverse learning activities

  • SCORM modules
  • Webcam assignment
  • Memotrainer retention training
  • 360 evaluations
  • Peer review
  • QR code assignments
  • Documentation
  • Video conference
  • Integrate external webinars
  • Integrate external activities
  • Lessons
  • Test and quizzes
  • Trial exam
  • Randomised test
  • Classroom Events
  • Hand-in assignment
  • Assessments
  • Reflection tools
  • Survey
  • Checklist

Various sequence options
Release all lessons at once, based on a score or time – it’s up to you.

  • One at a time
  • Available at once
  • Searchable
  • Based on the individual’s progress
  • Adaptive, based on learning goals
  • Activated by the trainer
  • Timed
  • Based on rules
  • Through external QR codes

Learn on the go

Learners can use an app to learn on the go, whenever and wherever: mobile learning. Available in the Apple and Play Store.

A portfolio to be proud of

Allow your students to create and share a portfolio of achievements, where they can store all (external) certifications, diploma’s and other formal recognitions.

Certificates with an online register

Offer automatically generated certificates that can be validated through our online register.

Adaptive learning:

stop one-size-fits-all, make courses adapt to each learner.

Offer new course content based on learning goals and use MemoTrainer to help learners store what they learned in their long-term memory.

based on learning goals

Our algorithm automatically addresses the topics that require training.

learning activities

Learning journeys scenario-based on rules or conditions like scoring or completion.

to encourage each learner

Send notifications when new content is available (drip content) or encourage learners to finish a learning activity.


Help your learners remember what you have taught them

Significantly increase your learners’ pass rate. Personal daily training helps your students store what they have learned in their long-term memory. The MemoTrainer is based on the Herman Ebbinghaus forgetting curve.

Social learning:

create a community of learners, learn together

People love to learn from and with each other. Participants meet each other in their ‘course community’; they join groups, share their knowledge, discuss various topics, give and receive feedback and collaborate on assignments.

Discussions and messages

Make your course a community of learners where they share valuable insights.

Discussions tied to content pages

Create a safe place to interact while learning. Collect improvements to your content.

Peer review assignments

Learners can give each other feedback on the work they submitted.

Who-is-who profile page

Instructors and learners have their own profile page to help make communication personal.

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