Let trainers do
what they do best

Empower your trainers and free up valuable classroom time for impactful trainer-student interactions by introducing adaptive learning activities.

Classroom and online blend perfectly

Help learners prep for a classroom course. Attendance or results in class determine the next online task.

Instructor dashboard

Gain better insight into the progress of your learners so you can be a more valuable coach.

  • Get learner insight
  • Add documents for the learners
  • Send messages to (individual) learners
  • Send general notifications
  • Discuss with learners
  • Assess assignments
  • Receive notifications of finished activities
  • Add events to the calendar
  • Plan various activities
  • Assign activities to specific learners

Grading and feedback

Instructors receive notifications, can provide feedback and grade the assignments.

Create a study plan

Help learners plan for a test or exam.

Insight into your learners

Analyse when extra instruction is required or where the course content needs adjustment.

Trainer communication centre

Trainers can send messages to individual learners or to a group.

Measure and improve

Collect and report anything that is captured in aNewSpring and continuously improve the learning journey.

Custom reports, on anything

Define, create, save and generate real-time custom reports.

Get feedback from your learners

Evaluation surveys can be part of the learning journey.

Trainers stay up-to-date

Trainers automatically receive details of the progress and results of their learners.

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