An adaptive course to provide every K-12 teacher with language training at their own level.

The Dutch city of Rotterdam wanted help to improve Dutch language skills amongst K-12 teachers in the area. Subjecting all teachers to the same language training would be very time consuming and counter productive, so they decided to employ us  and help them out with the training.ohoh

Together with the city of Rotterdam, Human Talent Group and Genootschap Onze Taal, ‘Online Onderwijs’ was created (which means: ‘Online Education’). Online Onderwijs is an adaptive, online language learning module for all the teachers. With this module they can test and improve their current language level. Because this module is adaptive every teacher receives training material at their own level. That’s how they can get the best possible result.

Online Onderwijs is an active topic in the education sector. The executives of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science want to ensure that every teacher in the Netherlands will be able to work on their professional development.

The language module is just the beginning, because there are many other subjects to enhance teacher skills that can be taught this way!

Inspired by the story of Online Onderwijs? Then do download our free Blended Learning Cookbook. The metaphor of the cookbook will give you a fresh perspective on choosing, combining and testing different learning ingredients in order to create your ultimate learning recipe