As we mentioned before, September is the start of a new training year for a lot of companies. We notice a lot of companies and training organizations work hard in the summer months to create and improve their online courses, so they can make a fresh start in September. NTI, one of the largest training companies in the Netherlands, did the same, and we are very proud to tell you the NTI University of Applied Sciences has extended their training portfolio with courses in aNewSpring!

NTI University of Applied Sciences: “NTI University of Applied Sciences started the study year of 2015-2016 with a new online learning environment. This learning environment is intuitive, adaptive and interactive. This way of online education is not used in any other University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The online learning environment became part of learning itself: the student is guided through the learning materials with the help of a ‘learning journey’.

The modern, online learning environment NTI University of Applied Sciences uses, combines introduction videos, knowledge clips and practice methods. The student uses E-modules in the learning journey, which helps him practice with a case. The MemoTrainer prepares the student for an exam. The environment gives feedback in all these practice methods, which of course depends on the answers the student give.”

Wilfred Rubens is writer and e-learning blogger, and involved with NTI. Although he didn’t have an influence on the choice NTI made, he does write about their new environment in his article about digital learning environments. In this article you can read his vision on digital learning environments, and the things you need to pay attention to as an organization when choosing a digital learning environment (in Dutch).

We wish NTI and all students using their online learning environment lots of luck this study year!

Read the NTI press release (in Dutch), or watch the video (in Dutch).