A next-generation LMS
with the focus on learning

aNewSpring is often called a LMS (Learning Management System), which we actually aren’t. But what are we then?
We’d rather call ourselves a next-generation LMS.

What is a next-generation LMS?

Traditional LMS’es are often developed with the goal to help the HR Manager and wants to ‘manage learning within the organization’. It makes it easy for the HR Manager to keep an overview, because this system measures if people are learning and tracks results. The M of Management is central here.

You could say that at aNewSpring the L of Learning is what it’s all about. The aNewSpring platform has the goal to ‘help people learn’ and centralizes the learner.

Our entire company and with that the platform is created to get more out of learning moments. This way it becomes easier for learners to learn and will profits be optimalized.

And that’s the difference. An LMS measures in the first place if people are learning, but doens’t let them learn more efficient or effective. That’s where we’d like to make the change!

Why are training companies still searching for an LMS?
They need something different!

And with that we mean that training companies are often looking for or using a traditional LMS, one with the focus on Management.
From experience we know that an LMS like that doesn’t offer training companies the tools and benefits they really need.
But what makes aNewSpring different?

Learner centric

We think the learner is the most important. The aNewSpring learning platform is made just so you learner gets the ideal learning experience.
In this video you can see Paul’s ideal learning experience.

Clear interface

The user interface of our platform is clear and modern. All attention goes to your course content, the interface makes sure it is easy for your learner to navigate through their learning journey.
See the user interface

Efficient learning

Thanks to smart tools we have in the aNewSpring learning platform, you learner won’t only learn effectively, but also efficiently. Our retention tool MemoTrainer™ makes sure your learners won’t forget the content of your courses anymore.

Easy to sell

As a training provider of course you woud like to sell your courses! Our catalogue functionality offers you everything you need to do so. In your catalogue you can also add a free demo of your course, this way it’s even easier to sell your products.
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Curious to know what aNewSpring can do for you?

We love to help you with finding your perfect e-learning match. Are you interested in aNewSpring and would you like to know more? You can request a personal demo here. During a personal demo an aNewSpring expert will answer all the questions you have about online learning and give you a demo of our platform.

Any other questions? Please contact us.