Thursday March 1st, a new release of aNewSpring will be at hand. With this release, we will significantly improve the usability of the platform.

Showing recent messages

When you see a reaction in your message centre that you would like to read, you can click on the reaction to go to the specific page where the reaction is shown. Up until now, you always had to scroll down to get the message that you were looking for on the page. With this release, the page automatically scrolls to the reaction that you clicked on.

Improved message centre

A couple of little improvements have been made to the message centre. From now on, you will find the inbox, all messages (including sent messages) and the trash can on the left side of the screen. This provides a better overview of this page. The sent messages are also easier to find.

 Improved discussion functionality

The discussion possibility below the activities will become clearer with this release. The topics with the latest activity will be placed on top and only the 2 most recent reactions are directly visible. The other reactions are folded in by default. When you want to read all the reactions, you can expand them.

Add an image to a course part

From now on, it’s possible to show an image in front of a course part. This way, you can visualize what the course part is about. You can add this image in the settings menu when you are editing a course part.

Conditions made visual

With this release, we made it possible to see if a course part or block is available or not, by displaying a lock icon. When there is a closed lock left of the block or course, this block or course is not available yet or no longer available. When there is an open lock, then this block or course part is available until a certain date.

Finished course parts

When a course part is finished successfully, a check mark appears left of this course part. This way, it is clear for the student which course parts he already finished and how many course parts he still has to do.

Skill assignment within content player

A skill assignment is a course part that does not contain content. Students can use it turn something in, like an assignment that they can upload within this course part. From now on, the skill assignment is shown within the course player, which results in a better course flow for the students.

Improved progress bar

The progress bar has been adjusted. We added numbers so the students can see how many pages there are in a lesson and how far they are. The design of the progress bar can be adjusted. Please contact our helpdesk for this (