The current economic situation creates a difficult environment for employers and employees. Reorganizations and discharges cause a lot of trouble and insecurities in the working field. So you can imagine that both working and unemployed people are starting to ask themselves: ‘What job is right for me?’ For help with answering that question they can reach out to Hanneke Dijkman, owner of New Options.

From expat in Africa to career coach in Rotterdam

“In 1997 I came back from working a few years in Africa and was coached by New Options with finding a new job in the Netherlands. I studied economics, but I am working as a professional and independent career coach since 2006. In 2012 I took over New Options from Peter de Bruin.”

Before the take-over New Options targeted repats, but Hanneke decided to add a few other elements. To expand the target audience she founded sister company ‘New Options for Professionals’, this way she could also coach higher educated people with ambitions.

Apart from being a career coach Hanneke is also a zen teacher. She noticed that there was a need for zen techniques like mindfulness and meditiation in career coaching and decided to add them to her ‘New Options Working circle packages’. “People who come to me are often also interested in meditation or are already familiar with it.” She says. “But also when they are not that interested in zen techniques they can easily follow my Working circle package.”

Online I can help a larger group of people finding a job that’s right for them

Hanneke was looking for an online learning solution because she thought it was the perfect way to spread her packages among a larger group. Because the questions in her courses aren’t traditionally ‘right or wrong’ it was quite a challenge to find one. Solutions meant for schools didn’t fit and a platform for which she needed her own server also wasn’t what she was looking for either. Eventually Hanneke chose aNewSpring. “Because I can create a learning path in your platform and because I can use a question type that fits my way of teaching. Also, your pricing model is very beneficial for me.”

Hanneke says she did have a little bit of struggle developing her courses in aNewSpring. “In the beginning the possibilities were quite overwhelming!” she laughs. But in the end she managed to get it the way she wanted it, with some technical help and an aNewSpring training from Stefan. “And thanks to the support team of course, they are always very kind and helpful.”


More than outplatcement, for a more reasonable price

In a New Options Working circle you will be introduced to a complete new way of finding the right job. But when you are looking for some specific information, for example how to write an application letter, you can get into one of their toolkits to get the info you need.

In August the New Options product went live and the ambition is to grow from a few dozen to a hundred students, of course with the help of online learning. Hanneke thinks she is really adding value to the product by offering it online, because now she is able to help people with finding a job 24 hours a day.

“When you compare my product to outplacement I offer more value for a more reasonable price.” Says Hanneke. “I do not only provide my learners with references, but also give them feedback, structure and a new way of self development. It is quite a big deal when someone loses his or her job and applying for other jobs doesn’t work out. That’s why they can also discuss and give each other tips in my environment. In the end it is my goal to help as many people as possible with finding the job that fits them right. And I hope that meanwhile they had a great and valuable time finding that job with me.”

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