A new release of aNewSpring is at hand. In this release, a number of interesting improvements have been made.

Full statistics with an elearning license

Mentor role expanded

From now on, the mentor will be able to view more statistics on students, courses and content. The mentor role is free to use in combination with elearning, blended learning, social learning and game based learning licenses. With this change, we meet the wishes of many customers. It’s no longer just a privilege of the blended learning license to have insights into the results as a mentor. Unlike the teacher, the mentor has no access to the communication, intervention and evaluation functions.

Never create the same course part twice

Copy course parts within and between courses

You can now copy course parts in a course template. You are able to also use course parts in other course templates, without having to create them again. This will save you a lot of time!

Students are now able to explain their evaluations

Get more information from your course evaluations

With aNewSpring the web developer can add several web services to the course, which can serve as content, as course section or as medium. We did already support YouTube, but this was – until now – always based on Flash technology. aNewSpring decided to replace all Flash components. Now, these course parts will operate fluently on iPads or other mobile devices that cannot operate Flash.

Your lesson read out loud

Text-to-speech available for everyone

The latest release of aNewSpring’s e-learning platform includes the ReadSpeaker functionality as an add-on. This functionality is immediately available to all users at an annual cost of 2 credits per student per course. The ReadSpeaker player uses a text-to-speech solution that reads text out loud and at the same time “highlighting” the part being read. From now on, students with a visual handicap or reading disability are able to do more courses and your courses can be offered to a much wider audience. Read more.