On January 19th, a new release of aNewSpring has become available. With this release, we have improved the student flow. Our platform has always been adaptive: students get personalized training material. But it wasn’t always clear for the students that this material was personalized. With this new release we’ve improved this and we’ve made it more clear for the students that the course they are doing adapts to them. From now on, students receive more feedback from the platform, which will make it easier for them to do their courses successfully.

Results widget

From now on, the Results widget will be called the Progress widget. This widget will show the current progress and knowledge intake in the course overview. After a student does a MemoTraining, the results will immediately be applied to their knowledge level. This way, the progress and knowledge intake are updated real-time and the student will immediately see the result of his activities. When objectives are used in a course, the widget will also show their progress. As with every widget, the developer can determine if and where this widget will be placed on the right. Because the progress is an important indicator for the student, it is placed on top by default.

Personal learning path

The digital mentor is replaced by the personal learning advice. It is now possible to give every student a suggestion about the next step in the course. This can be starting or continuing an activity. The personal learning advice shows what activity the student can do next. This way, the platform helps students learn. Students can follow this advice or decide to follow their own paths. Suggestions are made based on how the designer of the ‘course flow’ has configured the course (conditional, adaptive, ordered, or a combination of these). This new part can be placed above the course parts and can be activated or deactivated per template. You can do this at the courses page by clicking edit. When you click course template configuration, you can edit these settings.

MemoTrainer advice

The available MemoTraining will also be placed above the course parts. Students can easily see if there is an available MemoTraining. When there is an available MemoTraining, a notice telling the student why it is important to do this MemoTraining will appear to trigger the student to do it. When there is no MemoTraining is available, this block is not present. The student can see the cause in the existing MemoTrainer widget on the right.

Conditional course parts

Conditional course parts are course parts with a condition attached. If these conditions are met, a certain course part becomes available. It is now possible to add conditions to blocks and not only to course parts. There are also two additional conditions added; make a block / course part available after a certain period after a student has started or after a certain period of time after the course has started.

Block activation

Due to the new conditional course parts, the functionality of block activation has been canceled, because it’s now possible to create conditions on block-level. The current settings will be migrated.