The aNewSpring Awards!

Every year, our customers pick the learning journey of fellow customers that they found most inspiring.

That’s right, it’s not us that decides who made the best product with the aNewSpring platform, but it’s objectively chosen by peers during the aNewSpring Awards.

Who has created

The Most Inspiring Learning Journey of the year?

The aNewSpring Awards, a yearly event in which the Most Inspiring Learning Journey of the Year is chosen by fellow aNewSpring-users.

What is it like to attend the aNewSpring Awards?

Imagine filling an Olympic sized pool with nothing but aNewSpring and you would jump right into it..! Yes yes, I know what you are thinking and no, I have no clue either what that would look like. Are there content parts, activities and templates swimming around like fish-type thingies? Are there bits and bytes floating in it? Do they even float? Does it smell like spring? Is it blue..?

Of course, this is just an (weird) attempt to explain what fully immersing yourself in the aNewSpring Awards experience would be like. Wait! Maybe it is more like an aNewSpring theme park! Yes, Memotrainer-rollercoaster…! Sorry sorry, I am getting carried away. You get the idea.

The aNewSpring Awards is the place to be for everyone that works with the platform and we hope to show that we are much more than software.

Let’s ‘dive’ into some history

Since 2017 aNewSpring has organised their yearly aNewSpring Awards for all their users of the platform. During these awards different companies present their learning journey out of which the best one is selected by their peers.

In 2021 the Awards went from offline to a completely online event and even included a set of workshops for all participants. Anyone could send in their case for consideration and all nominees were then assessed by an experienced professional jury. This selection was then brought down to the top 3, who presented their case during the awards main show. During the live show the top 3 would present their cases and an audience of their peers would pick the winner.

The 2022 edition of the aNewSpring Awards was are biggest awards to date. The live show was accessible online from all over the world, but we went one step further and made it hybrid! Not only could you follow along online, we also had a great group of true aNewSpring aficionado’s join us right here in Rotterdam.

Winning the aNewSpring Awards is often a prelude
to success in other award competitions.
For example:

HBtraining won the aNewSpring Awards in 2020 and went on to also win the prestige Silver Learning Technologies Award for Best Technology-Based Onboarding Programme of the Year.

Online Academy won the aNewSpring awards in 2019 and went on to also win the Silver Learning Impact Award at LPI’s Learning Awards.

Check out the previous years:

2022 (The first hybrid awards)

On Thursday, March 24th 2022, the hybrid awards show was broadcasted live from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Take a look at the presentation of the 3 winners:
(and find out who actually won first place) 

2021 (The first 100% online awards)

You can still see all the workshops given at the 2021 aNewSpring awards:

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Get to know the winner of the 2019 aNewSpring awards:

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