Our upcoming release will take place this Thursday. We are happy to tell you we added a lot of new functionalities and improvements! For example a Cue point functionality and possibilities to create nicer looking questions, but also new result overviews for instructors. You can read all about it in this blog.

Create great questions with the Plus-editor (beta)

This summer we introduced the Plus-editor for content parts. Due to its success we’ve also added it to questions (in beta). With this Plus-editor you have more freedom in the design of your questions.

This functionality is still in beta, questions that are created with this Plus-editor can not be used in the aNewSpring apps yet. We are working on making this possible. As soon as we officially launch this Plus-editor for questions we will let you know!

New Plus-editor functionality: Cue points!

In the past we already had the Cue point functionality, but because it used Flash it didn’t work on mobile devices. That’s why our new Cue point functionality is made in Javascript, which works perfectly on tablets and smartphones. With Cue points you can let text or images appear based on a video or audio file. This way you add extra forms of content to your materials.

Would you like to see how the Plus-editor for questions and the Cue point functionality works?
Watch the demo video here!

Use content parts to make explanations look better

From Thursday on designers can select content parts to use in an explanation. This way you can decide the lay out of explanations yourself, by creating nicely designed content parts and use them at different places in the different courses. Examples of where you could use them are:

  • In an explanation before or after an activity
  • In an explanation before a MemoTraining
  • In an explanation before a block
  • In explanations at the start of a course
  • Above the objectives or share tabs

Easy overview of results over all courses

It will be possible to view results over all courses. This way you can see how learners score on different courses in one place.

Also, the learner will be able to view his result overview by clicking on it in the menu below his name. Here he can see all courses he’s enrolled in. This creates a clear overview of all courses and easy access to all work that he has handed in.

Furthermore instructors will find a ‘Students’ tab under the ‘Instruct’ tab. Here they can view a list of all learners. With the ‘Filter’ button the instructor can sort learners, for example based on a course.

Announcement and message widget merged together

The widget for announcements and for messages are merged together into one widget. This way it will fit the communication center that was added in our last release.

Indication of work instructors need to check

For an instructor it will be possible to get an indication of the location and amount of work that needs checking. These data are shown per course in a column.

Insight in learner activity

From Thursday on you will be able to see when a learner was logged in last and for how long he was active. These data are collected since a few months and can be exported.

Other things we’ve improved for you:

  • aNewSpring remembers the search history of the user. For example when you search on the Courses tab, the platform will remember what you searched for when coming back to that tab.
  • Grouping learning objectives has become easier.
  • If a user doesn’t have a profile picture yet, they can click on the icon in front of their name to easily add one.
  • The activity planning can also be edited by the instructor.

We’d love to hear what you think of the improvements in this release! Share your opinion and ask your questions in the aNewSpring Community. Here you can also view our roadmap, where you can get to know what we will improve in our upcoming platform updates.