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No retailer is the same, and neither are the people who work there. This can make it quite challenging for companies within the industry to find suitable secondary vocational education for their employees. How do you make sure that each of them gets the most out of their course, even when their needs are so different?

NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen has the answer to that question: by putting learners first.

Training company Certification training Adaptive learning

Does an adaptive course provide more learning efficiency than a regular course? And do people remember the material better when it is offered in the learning style of their choice? These were the main questions in the research into personalised training that was conducted by NCOI Online Academy. Together with aNewSpring, a special training course was developed for this purpose.

Training company Certification training, Exam training Adaptive learning

In-house emergency response officers have to go through the same training, regularly. Why couldn't they just refresh their knowledge of the parts they've forgotten?

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