Ger’s Learning Notes: #24 Learning from failure and mistakes

By Ger Driesen

Which mistake that you ever made felt like a catastrophic failure at the time but, upon reflection, was a huge learning opportunity? This edition of the learning notes covers learning from failure and mistakes.

Posted on August 14, 2018.

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(1) Shifting the stigma from learning from mistakes

What’s it about?
Bethany and Jo took a deep dive into exploring the different aspects of learning from mistakes. They covered the negative emotional part, alternative mindsets, language and practical approaches to benefit the most from learning from mistakes.

Why read it?

  • Learn how these interesting, (very) rich companies look at learning and which principles they use.
  • Find concrete examples and links to more background details to understand some of the approaches in detail (so you might apply them yourself).
  • See where learning approaches might be heading in the near future and check if these approaches can be helpful in your situation (be critical!).

Where to find it?

Shifting the stigma from learning from mistakes

(2) The Institute of Brilliant Failures

What’s it about?
Professor Paul Iske got interested in the positive side of failure and started to gather all kinds of interesting examples. He then created an institute around it, offering examples, background info and approaches to make the best out of brilliant failures.

Why read it/watch the video?

  • Listen to CFO (Chief Failure Officer!) Paul Iske, who explains the importance of brilliant failures and the mindset needed for that.
  • Learn about the 16 archetypes of failure that help you identify, categorize and learn most from them.
  • Get access to their database of some very interesting cases and find other tools and services the institute has to offer.

Where to find it?

The Institute of Brilliant Failures

(3) Three Fuckup Nights

What’s it about?
Corporate Rebels created the idea of how to celebrate failure and mistakes via the ‘Fuck-up night’ approach, a TEDx, Pecha Kucha-like event approach. Check three websites that give an overview of a worldwide movement (including a free ebook!).

Why read it?

  • The first link is to the Corporate Rebels’ blog post where they explain the initiative of celebrating failure and Fuckup Nights.
  • The second link is to the Fuckup Nights homepage, and it gives a good overview of the worldwide movement. Don’t forget to download the free ebook!
  • The third website is that of the Failure Institute, presenting many cases and examples.

Where to find it?

(4) Learning from mistakes: the London Fishbowl event write-up

by ‘yours truly’ (@GerDriesen)

What’s it about?
This post is a write-up about the London Fishbowl August 2018 event on shifting the stigma related to learning from mistakes and presents the views of the panellists and audience.

Why read it?

  • Tap into the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ of the 30 L&D professionals that discussed and explored the topic from different angles.
  • Find different clues on how you might support your organisation or become better yourself at learning from mistakes.
  • Read about the Fishbowl approach and learn how you can organise one for collaborative, social learning.

Where to find it?

Learning from mistakes: the London Fishbowl event write-up