We are proud to announce the launch of our MemoTrainer app for the iPhone and iPad as well a major update for Android. Learners can download this app for free in the Appstore or Android Market. This way, they can do their courses on the go!


The Android application of the MemoTrainer app has been available for over a year now. During this time, we have gained some valuable feedback about the app. Things we have heard quite often were: “Great application, I can use it to practice my exam questions everywhere and anytime” and “A very accessible way to practice for my exam”. But we’ve also heard some points of improvements: “The app has difficulties showing images” and “The app could be more user friendly”. That’s why we have decided to release a new version of this app, for both Android and the iPhone and iPad.


With this new release we solved the bugs that were not solved yet, for example the problem with showing images in the Android app. We also improved the overall usability and the visual design of the app. See the most important improvements below:

New MemoTraining notification
It is easy to see whether there is a MemoTrainer available for one or more of the learner’s courses. Learner can now also receive notifications every day (or once a week) to make sure they do not forget their MemoTraining.

User friendly question & answer screen
When doing a MemoTraining, the learners will go through a bundle of questions. We improved the usability of this process. It is now even possible to check if the question is answered correctly before going on to the next question. As you can see, it is immediately clear what the correct answer is.

A clear overview of the results
When a learner is done with his MemoTrainer, he will get an overview of the results. Which questions did he answer correctly and which not? When the learner didn’t answer some questions, he will clearly see which ones he didn’t answer yet and click through to answer them.

Recognisable MemoTrainer app
From now on the MemoTrainer will have its own icon to make the MemoTrainer brand work separate from aNewSpring and integrate more with our clients branding.

iPad optimized

Our app is also available as an iPad app, called MemoTrainer HD. The app works the same as the iPhone app, but is optimized for the bigger screen.

Test your content!

Unfortunately Android and iOS have limitations. For example, when you are using HTML in your questions, our iOS app (iPhone and iPad) will currently display your questions without the HTML. This may effect the user experience of the course. Therefore we advice you to test your content before promoting the apps to your students. Of course we strive to make all your training content work effortlessly in our MemoTrainer apps. We will continue releasing updates, so if you have any feedback, please let us know.

Get your own branded app

By default, the MemoTrainer will have an neutral MemoTrainer look & feel and will be called ‘MemoTrainer’. It is also possible to get your own app in your own style, name, icon and URL for only € 2.500 (or $ 3125). This way you can launch and market your own Android, iPhone and iPad application through the Apple Appstore or Android Market. Please contact us, in case you are interested.