How to create elearning with Microsoft PowerPoint

by Madeleine de Bruin
9 August 2017


 e often get the question, “How to import PowerPoint slides in aNewSpring or how to create elearning with PowerPoint?”. The short answer is: you don’t. Anything is possible (and you can import PowerPoint slides into aNewSpring) but when you create elearning, you really shouldn’t just import PowerPoint slides.

How did elearning start?

Online learning is completely different from reading a slide deck. Twenty years ago, the revolution of e-learning started. With new technologies, it was possible to digitise books and syllabi. It was cost-effective and environment-friendly to do so. All the students could easily open the documents on their computer, and they did not need to carry all these heavy books around. A ‘big’ problem solved.

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But educators wanted more. Letting people read does not make them learn. We have known that for a while. A student should be able to reflect on what they are reading. Bringing the theory into daily practice makes it stick. It is important that you create an inspiring learning journey. Well, that is what we say at aNewSpring. What does that mean?

Why learning is a journey

Learning is like a journey. You can determine the goals and the desired results. What should learning contribute to? If you know your goals, you can develop your journey. You can do that by writing down all the different learning objectives. Create a good structure and start building your learning blocks. And then, it gets interesting! You get to create learning activities. These activities have to be interesting, challenging and useful. Not an easy task, but aNewSpring helps you with this. There are so many different question types and content parts you can use that you will be able to create an inspiring learning journey.

Learning journeys in aNewSpring

Can PowerPoint facilitate online learning?

And then there is PowerPoint. This is a tool you can use when giving a presentation. You tell a story and the short text snippets and bullets help the audience to keep on track. It is not a tool to write large pieces of text in (although some people do), and it is not interactive in itself. That is why it is not a great choice to facilitate online learning. It simply is not the best choice to help people learn online. It does not help them reflect. It is not as interesting as a well-developed online course, and, sometimes, it is even hard to understand, because it usually contains a lot of recaps, single line sentences or just bullets.

So, don’t do it. Do not confuse using PowerPoint with online learning.

Is it possible to import PowerPoint slides into aNewSpring?

Although we don’t encourage creating elearning by simply importing PowerPoint slides, we do offer tools to import PowerPoint. You can use a PowerPoint presentation as a complement of the learning journey. Perhaps you have a great slide deck with some clear numbers and figures that are interesting. Think of a presentation about the company’s results last year. You can use the slides as a reference, rather than as a learning activity.

So, good luck and keep on creating inspiring learning journeys!


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Madeleine de Bruin, Customer Success Manager at aNewSpring
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