Release 84: Create templates more easily and more!

We have got an awesome new release ready for you. The release will go live on 16th March 2020. I will tell you all about this new release in text and video.

Release 83: The form revamped

Christmas may be over but we are happy to give you another present! After the first week of januari 2020 it will be possible to let your learners fill out a form and let them be in control of the edits, who is able to review, and the sharing of the form. Below, I will tell you more about it.
anewspring example

Release 82: Tags at content libraries and alternative styling for templates

Being even more creative with your learning journeys and structuring your content using tags. Sounds good right? This is possible after our new release on Wednesday 13 November! Watch the video or read along about the new optional alternative styling and tags at content.

Release 81: Tagging at templates & Notes for learners

On Wednesday 28 August there will be a new release for you! Watch the video below about our new features 'Tagging' and 'Notes'. Below the video you can read and see what else we've added.

Release 80: Enhanced search capabilities and new conditions!

After the launch of aNewSpring for Trainers, we are already up for a new release! Watch the video below about the enhanced search functionality or read about the other cool features we've added.

Release: aNewSpring for Trainers

"Can aNewSpring also be used by independent trainers?”. It’s a question we get often. And although the answer was yes, it wasn’t optimised for independent trainers. As of today, we’ve launched a completely new version of aNewSpring. And, not coincidentally, it’s called aNewSpring for Trainers.

Release 79: easily add certificates and SCORM modules

Wondering what we're working on? Here's an overview of the new features which you can use from April 10th onwards.

Release 77: Enhanced features for the instructor

In the product release of Tuesday 4th of December, we’ve added many enhancements for the instructor, which allows him/her to work more efficiently. We’ve also added some other features.

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