Release 81: Tagging at templates & Notes for learners

On Wednesday 28 August there will be a new release for you! Watch the video below about our new features 'Tagging' and 'Notes'. Below the video you can read and see what else we've added.

Release 80: Enhanced search capabilities and new conditions!

After the launch of aNewSpring for Trainers, we are already up for a new release! Watch the video below about the enhanced search functionality or read about the other cool features we've added.

Release: aNewSpring for Trainers

"Can aNewSpring also be used by independent trainers?”. It’s a question we get often. And although the answer was yes, it wasn’t optimised for independent trainers. As of today, we’ve launched a completely new version of aNewSpring. And, not coincidentally, it’s called aNewSpring for Trainers.

Release 79: easily add certificates and SCORM modules

Wondering what we're working on? Here's an overview of the new features which you can use from April 10th onwards.

Release 77: Enhanced features for the instructor

In the product release of Tuesday 4th of December, we’ve added many enhancements for the instructor, which allows him/her to work more efficiently. We’ve also added some other features.

Release 76: Edit content of published lessons

Our latest release will appear on Thursday the 27th of September and contains many optimizations of the platform.

Bonus Release: Video hand-in assignment

You might already use videos in your training courses, but from from tomorrow onwards, your participants can easily record and submit videos in aNewSpring. In other words: Put your learners in the video drivers’ seat!

Release 75: Portfolio is here!

On Tuesday, July 10, our new release will go live. We will release a brand new portfolio for learners. Let me tell you all about it.

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