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Release 89: More possibilities with assessment and adaptivity

In the next release, on 16 March 2021, we will make room for adapting assessment terms, adding feedback fields and expanding adaptivity. A step in the right direction to add layers and not only focus on a final assessment. Anyway, this makes us very happy. You too? We also love feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Release 88: Time registration and use of colour in the plus editor under the Christmas tree!

We have been working hard on a new release, so that we were still able to provide a gift under the Christmas tree, because some customers will be very happy to read this. In this release we tell you more about time registration of courses and colour use in the plus editor. And that’s not all. We are also working on major projects that will be released in 2021. I will also tell you something about this.

Release 87: Event management made easier

In the upcoming release we will tell you more about the opportunities in events management and filtering learning journeys for learners.

Release 86: Let’s brighten up the instructor experience

In the upcoming release we will brighten up the instructor experience by giving them an optimised and clear dashboard..

Release 85: Reflecting in your learning journey

Stop what you’re doing and hold your breath. Monday, May 25th, a fully loaded aNewSpring release will go live. I will tell you all about this new release in text and video.

Release 84: Create templates more easily and more!

We have got an awesome new release ready for you. The release will go live on 16th March 2020. I will tell you all about this new release in text and video.

Release 83: The form revamped

Christmas may be over but we are happy to give you another present! After the first week of januari 2020 it will be possible to let your learners fill out a form and let them be in control of the edits, who is able to review, and the sharing of the form. Below, I will tell you more about it.
anewspring example

Release 82: Tags at content libraries and alternative styling for templates

Being even more creative with your learning journeys and structuring your content using tags. Sounds good right? This is possible after our new release on Wednesday 13 November! Watch the video or read along about the new optional alternative styling and tags at content.

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