Release 99: You’ve got 99 problems, but this release ain’t one!

Do you ever feel like you’re caught between spreadsheets during the first quarter of the year? With all the goals and planning, it might seem like you’ve got more problems than solutions on the horizon.

We see you. And feel you. Sit back, relax those tense shoulders and take a deep breath. This is Release 99 from aNewSpring — a simple one, because we don’t want to be adding too much to your full plate.

Release 98: A fresh new look with a side of improved user experience!

This release, which goes live on 3 January 2023, brings together styling improvements that will deliver better learning experiences. Also, you will find out how you can instantly put together a training program that looks professional and polished. Besides that, you can see more details about events and manage them better, and keep instructors and moderators more engaged through moderating assessments.

Release 97: Moderate, improve assessments and more…

In this release, which goes live on 25 October 2022, there will be changes again for learners and the backend of the platform.

Release 96: Tiny tweaks for a leap in user experience

In this release, which will go live on 9 August 2022, we'll implement improvements for both learners and the backend of the platform.

Release 95: Tools to effectively manage your learners

In the upcoming release, on 31 May 2022, we've got a lot of improvements for both the learner side and for the back-end of the platform. So what’s changing exactly for your learners? In the upcoming release, on 31 May 2022, we will change visual elements, the versatility of filters and the visibility of courses that are ‘coming soon’. And for the back-end? We added a new content type, you can enlarge the text editor, courses start right after registration and we have a new template notification. Keep reading to find out all about it.

Release 94: Tech and mobile app

This time, a technical release that you will notice a lot of! On the 17th of March 2022, we will add notifications to the mobile app and expand the test possibilities. On top of that, we will work on the performance and appearance of our platform, and you will be able to link Microsoft Learn via LTI.

Release 93: Profiles and competencies

You read that correctly! Profiles and competencies will be released on 4 January 2022 and that's not all.

We have also added possibilities to comply with Code 95 and access codes can be linked to bundles.

Release 92: Better every time

On 18 October you will see in Release 92 how aNewSpring has become better again. We’ve optimised the way certificates are handled, the selection of template boxes, the management of notifications and the performance of the bundles.

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