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How training providers can capitalise on ‘skills obsession’ opportunities

We like questions more than answers, or better said: the search for answers is often more valuable than the answers. That’s why we asked some very smart people a ton of questions about the skills obsession.

They gave some great answers about the forces behind it (yes, the pandemic is one of them), main challenges and good practices for training providers.
A bonus: we came up with five useful tips you can apply.

Successful training companies

Put the learner first

The training market is changing rapidly. Competition is growing fast: ‘all-you-can-learn’ platforms, LinkedIn Learning, even YouTube, and also AI-generated training. For you as a trainer or training provider, this provides great opportunities, but also threats. With this e-book you ensure that you’ll remain successful!

Get this e-book and become a frontrunner through the insights from
10 industry leaders and experts boiled down to 3 guiding principles.

Better performance in the workplace and satisfied customers

by putting the learner first

By creating individual MBO programmes, NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen knows how to make learners and their employers more successful. In the in depth case study, you can read about how a personal learning journey contributes to that success and how this training provider operates.

Learn how NCVB Bedrijfsopleidingen creates win-win blended talent development programmes for large retail customers by putting their learners first.

How do you create learning journeys that look fan-tas-tic?

In this manual ‘Design for Learning‘ from the design agency Everybody Can Design, you will learn all the intricacies of design, to create impactful learning journeys.

Now is the perfect time to make more impact with your online training/course using the best design tips from visual designers.

Become a learning journey innovator with Design Thinking

With this white paper and printables, you will learn how to spark your creativity for designing your learning journeys.

Through Design Thinking, you will work together with your participants and discover creative ways to improve your courses. In this white paper, we tell you how to do that and also, you can immediately get started with the do-it-yourself exercises in the printable.

2021 Essentials Guide for Training providers

Looking for a crystal ball to make the best possible strategic choices for your training organization? We haven’t found a crystal ball just yet, but here is something that comes pretty darn close! View the insights and advice for the coming year from some fifty CEOs, directors, owners and senior managers of the largest trainers in the Benelux.

What do you know about the learniverse?

There are so many hypes, buzz words and new concepts in the world of learning, that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. That’s why we created the Incomplete Guide To The Learniverse. Not to provide you with the definitive answers but to help you find your way in this jargon jungle. Always useful, never complete.

It’s time to create relevant, meaningful and effective compliance training

Many professionals experience compliance training as dull, irrelevant and meaningless. But at the same time, we want the medical staff that delivers our healthcare to be compliant. We want the pilot and crew who are in charge of the airplane we fly on to be compliant. Meanwhile, learning professionals, consultants, designers, providers, trainers, and facilitators don’t receive appreciation for all the work they do related to compliance training. Welcome to what we call the ‘compliance training paradox’!

How to become a blended learning chef?

Today there are more opportunities to create inspiring learning journeys than ever before. The Inspiring Learning Cookbook will help you design blended learning concepts that outperform your traditional training program.

This e-book will help you shape your own learning journey using different learning interventions. Mix and match ingredients and create your learning recipe!

How to design blended learning?

This white paper covers the most important features, the reasons to use blended learning and tips & tricks for designing a rich learning program.

Written by Ger Driesen, Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring, this white paper will help you answer questions you have about blended learning.

10 tips on how to sell e-learning

aNewSpring joined forces with @Marguerite Inscoe to create content around the topic ‘How to position and sell online training’. Marguerite is an inbound marketing and sales consultant at Madison Marketing Group. She helps B2B companies, particularly those in the training and consulting industry with designing their lead generation strategy and enabling sales.

Grab a copy and get fresh and actionable insights for your training organisation’s sales and marketing strategies.

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Refresh your courses with this inspiration package filled with blogs, podscasts, videos and white papers and start your learning makeover.

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