aNewSpring believes in sharing knowledge. That’s why we regularly attend events, speak at events, and organise our own events.

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We love being online. Participating in the online learning community, sharing, collaborating. But not everything can be done online. Connecting at an offline event is often very powerful. That’s why we do both.

Below you will find info about events we attend, both offline and online events. They all have to do with learning and with helping you creating impactful training.

We look forward to seeing you, soon.

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Past events:

Masterclass Learning Design
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Julie Dirksen – writer of ‘Design For How People Learn’ – hosted one-day workshop on Learning Design in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Masterclass Microlearning
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Shannon Tipton – ‘The Queen of Microlearning’ – ran a one-day masterclass on Microlearning in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Future-proof your training business
London, United Kingdom

How can a modern training business stay relevant in an industry that’s rapidly changing? And what skills, resources, and technology do you really need? That’s what was covered at the event..

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