Future-proof your training business

Thursday, 7th June 2018

Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London

Why attend?

How can a modern training business stay relevant in an industry that’s rapidly changing? And what skills, resources, and technology do you really need? Let’s find out, together.

Join the event for UK training providers on the 7th of June.

Any questions about this event? Please contact Jan Jilis van Delsen at jan@anewspring.com or +44 (0) 7720 402579.

Event information


The ‘Future-proof your training business’ event will take place on Thursday, 7th June 2018.


From: 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm, including lunch and networking drinks afterwards


Amba Hotel Marble Arch
Bryanston St, Marylebone
London W1H 7EH


Free – we encourage you to make a donation to the SHINE trust at the sign-up page.

Speakers & agenda


We’ll start off with a networking lunch


Opening by Jan Jilis van Delsen

Jan Jilis van Delsen


Session 1: The entire world is personalised

Ger Driesen, Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring will introduce the topic of personalisation and why it is important for training providers. He will cover the following topics:
– Where does personalisation come from?
– What kind of ‘experience’ consumers, professionals and learners expect today
– Why and how to apply personalisation to learning.

Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring


Session 2: Innovation in training

In this questions and answer session, Tom Bos, Manager Technology and Innovation at NCOI, Holland’s largest training provider for professional training, will cover:

1. The importance of offering a diverse and rich learning journey.
2. Why it’s crucial for a training business to find ways to deliver learning more efficiently.
3. How we can improve the effectivity of learning by analysing (and applying) data.
4. How to inspire and help people to develop themselves.

Tom Bos
Manager Technology and Innovation at NCOI & Director at NCOI Online Academy


Session 3: Digital body language skills that training companies need

Join virtual classroom and webinar specialist Jo Cook as she explores digital body language and what it means for our training businesses. Jo will address the following:

1. What is digital body language and why is it important for social learning?
2. How does digital body language apply to our training delivery?
3. What skills and technologies do we need for digital body language in the virtual classroom?

Jo Cook
Director at Lightbulb Moment and Deputy Editor at  Training Journal


Time for tea or coffee (and good conversations) 


Session 4: The UK environment for training providers

Mark Dawe will cover the following:
– Skills policy in the UK
– End-to-end delivery of apprenticeships and other skills programmes, what changes are we facing?
– New ways of working – with learners / apprentices, employers and partners
– The relentless drive for quality
– Efficiency of delivery during a time of scarce resource

Mark Dawe
Chief Executive at AELP


Session 5: Ticket exchange

Curious what’s going to happen during the ticket exchange? Join the event to find out.

Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring


Final thoughts and close

To help digest all of the things you’ll learn during the event, Jan will summarise the day’s ‘learning journey’.

Jan Jilis van Delsen

17:00 – 18:30

Networking drinks 

The Shine Trust

We believe in giving back to the community. That’s why we encourage you to donate to the SHINE Trust. You will find details at the sign-up page where you can add a donation (for example £25) once you register. SHINE provides funding and support to schools and teachers to help them raise attainment for children from low income homes. What’s special about them is that they trial out new ideas to improve teaching and learning in schools and help the best ideas grow to scale.