Cracking the
Compliance Training Code

24 October 2019 – Online webinar

Cracking the Compliance Training Code

24 October 2019 – Online
13.00 – 14.00 (CEST)

Not many people seem to like compliance training. Not people at work, not many learning professionals, maybe some training providers. But we all want the people and organisations who serve us to be compliant. So how can you learn how to handle this compliance training paradox and find professional ways to make the best of it?

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In this webinar we will explore what to do – and not to do – to be sure that compliance training is effective, relevant and makes sense. You will learn how to first peel the compliance training onion to get to the core of what needs your attention. We’ll introduce a model to help you understand the regulation of behavior and how technology can play an important role for effectiveness and efficiency.

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Here are some interesting blogs from Ger to get you started.

Ger’s Learning Notes #51: ChatGPT

I hope the year 2023 started well for you. It did for me, being re-energized after a two weeks off during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I didn’t work during those two weeks, but I kept an eye on the social channels that I use most: Twitter and Linkedin. If you totally shut off for the holidays and are now wondering if you missed something: everything was about the new Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot ChatGPT (GPT stands for Generative Pre-trainded Transformer). You might be up to speed with that already and if not, I will tell you more about it in this edition of the Learning Notes.

Ger’s Learning Notes #50: Celebrating episode 50

At aNewSpring, we are quite good at celebrating. It is embedded in our culture and a clear starting point for the company. So, we measure and steer on the objective of reaching goals together while having fun.

Ger’s Learning Notes #49: Research

There is a fundamental way of learning that we often seem to overlook; it’s called research. I remember the first research I did as a student for our national weather service, the KNMI. We conducted serious evaluation research around one of the important internal courses they did those days.

Ger’s Learning Notes #48: Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)

My colleague, Roy, went on holiday to Japan recently — a well-deserved vacation. I was a little bit envious to be honest, but as the Japanese say, ‘shouganai’ (it is what it is). I haven’t been to Japan (yet), but I worked as a training manager for a Japanese company. That was an amazing experience, and it taught me so many things about the Japanese way of looking at work. I dare to say that after all these years, it still inspires me at work at least once a week.

Ger’s Learning Notes #47: Learning Impact

Have you ever had a colleague who didn’t want to make an impact? I have never experienced that. I guess we all hope that our work has a positive impact in the end. Hard work doesn’t really do the trick; smart work does.

This episode is packed with resources by the best of the best. The resources are evidence-based too, to help you create the positive impact that you are aiming for. Learning is too important to leave it to chance. Designing learning is not only a beautiful and purposeful profession but also a one with huge responsibility. You can do it if you know how and apply what works based on evidence. I hope this will help you.

The perspective of Mirjam Neelen on the skills obsession

Constantly upskilling, reskilling and acquiring new skills to keep up in a world that is changing rapidly. It’s considered normal nowadays. How do experts view this skills obsession? And how can training providers capitalise on the opportunities this brings?

In a series of four interviews, I talk with leading names in the field.

Mirjam Neelen from Novartis thinks upskilling and reskilling should have always been a priority.