Open training:

for users of
the aNewSpring trainer-version

Two levels will be offered:
starters and advanced

Open training:
For users of the aNewSpring

Together with other aNewSpring users, you will be working with the aNewSpring ‘Trainer-version’ during this session. There will also be enough time to ask questions to aNewSpring experts and your fellow aNewSpring users of course.

This open training is free of charge for users of the aNewSpring ‘Trainer-version’.

The trainer-version of aNewSpring offers many possibilities to create an effective and good-looking learning journey.

We offer open trainings, on both starter and advanced level. Check the info below to see which level suits you. The form below shows all possible dates.

Are you in doubt about your personal level? Just contact us via

Starter or advanced?

The open training is offered in two levels. Make sure you are in the right one, so you can catch up with the experiences of others in the group, and so you fully understand the explanations given by the experts.

Starters training
Did you only just started with aNewSpring for Trainers, and do you need help on how to build a learning journey? Then this Open training would be best for you!

Advanced training
Are you familiar with the platform and have you been working with it for a while, but do you have the idea that you are not yet getting everything out of it? Do you want to bring your learning journey to a higher level, and do you also want to learn from other users? It seems like this Open training for advanced users is the one for you!

What do I need?

  • Make sure to you have your login credentials, so you can easily check your own learning journey during the sessions.
  • The training takes places online, so make sure your internet connection is stable. Headphones are advised, so you can attend the meeting optimally. We appreciate it if you also switch on your camera. You’ll receive the meeting link in your inbox a week before the training takes place.
  • Any further, specific questions?
    Send us an email ( before the training, so we can include your topic in the training.

Who will train you?

The Open trainings will be provided by our Customer Success Managers (CSM). Together we will look at the (new) functionalities of the platform, and how your ideas of (blended) learning can be applied in the aNewSpring platform.

During the training, there is also the possibility to discuss and exchange experiences with other users.

Michiel de Korte

Nicole Lee-On

Roy de Vries

Reinier Batterink

What does a training look like?

  • The training starts at 09:30 AM and takes place online. It will take about (+/-) 2 hours.
  • Don’t have an environment yet? Create your own Trainer Environment in advance.
  • Just started an environment? Watch the basic videos on the support site
  • During the training, learn together with other users to easily develop (new) materials and (expand) a learning journey.
  • Together we’ll dive into the platform and explain the various learning activities and content forms.
  • Result: After the training you can work independently (further) with aNewSpring.
  • The training is provided by a Customer Success Manager
  • Each training indicates whether it is for starters or advanced to make sure it matches you current knowledge level.