Making the most of online social learning
(free MiniMOOC)

April 28th 2020 to May 8th 2020

Making the most of
online social learning

Free MiniMooc
Opening: April 28th at 00:01 (CEST)
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We are all learning about ways of learning online, mainly focused on webinars and virtual classrooms. There are other ways, like online social learning. Do it right and learning together online is a powerful way of creating engagement.

This free MiniMOOC is all about ‘online social learning’ and actually uses online social learning as a method. Show your interest in a new edition.

Unfortunately, the current edition is completely full. We are considering a new edition, if there is plenty of interest.

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At the moment, lots of learning professionals are facing unexpected challenges. At aNewSpring, we get a lot of questions about what’s possible with online learning platforms and we’re offering help and support.

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Why online social learning?

Currently, lots of attention goes to live online learning; a synchronous form of learning where delivery and consumption takes place at the same time, like in a webinar or virtual classroom. There are pro’s and con’s; webinars can reach a large group of people, but often lack engagement. Virtual classrooms can be very engaging for learners, but require a lot of (design) effort and are less suitable for large groups.

Asynchronous forms of online learning offer interesting alternatives. It’s where all participants are working and learning together at the same (virtual) location, but not necessarily at the same time. During a certain period, content is regularly made available and discussions are started for all learners to dive into and join at their own pace. This way, your learning approach can be very engaging and it can handle a large number of learners, without everyone having to be present at the same time.

How does this MiniMOOC work?

First of all, what’s so ‘mini’ about this MOOC? It’s smaller in its duration, not in its reach or impact. It’s still a massive course in the sense that there will be many learners to engage with. The course will take place over two weeks and twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) new content will be made available.

Participants will get access to the learning journey in the aNewSpring platform where they will find the content related to the core topics and where the learning conversation will take place. We’re starting the MiniMOOC on Tuesday, April 28th at 00:01 CEST. The platform will be accessible one week before on Tuesday, April 21st, so you can start whenever it suits you. We’ll add new content until May 8th and we’ll continue moderating a few weeks more.

What’s the MiniMOOC about?

How to make online social learning successful? How to apply it in your situation? Through experiencing online social learning in this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), you’ll learn how to do it yourself. We’ll cover topics like:

  • designing online social learning
  • learning theory and principles behind social learning
  • moderating online social learning
  • harvesting results from online social learning

Four facilitators, Ger, Roy, JJ and Jos, will moderate the social learning process to support all participants and to cover all time zones.

Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader
Blog | LinkedIn

Roy de Vries
Customer Success Manager
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Jan Jilis van Delsen
UK Country Manager

Jos Berden
Learning Specialist
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Is this for me?

This free MiniMOOC is designed for all trainers, training providers and learning designers who want to learn about online social learning so they will be able to design and facilitate online social learning for themselves after completing this MiniMOOC.

Unfortunately, the current is event is completely full. Show your interest in a new edition by filling out the form below: