Learning Failures United
– the UK Edition

October 8th, 2019
06.00 PM to 08.00 PM

Learning Failures United

October 8th 2019 – London
6:00 PM to 8.00 PM (incl. drinks)
Following LEARNING LIVE Networks

The Learning Failures United meetup is aimed at learning professionals. While enjoying drinks and snacks at a beautiful location, ‘epic fails’ will be shared by everyone who feels up for it. So we learn from each other’s greatest mistakes and have a laugh at the same time.

Costs: Free, but please sign up.

What’s the event?

On Tuesday, October 8th, 2019, we’re organizing a meetup for learning professionals: Learning Failures United. This will be the first UK-edition, following two previous successful editions held in the Netherlands. The event will take place after LEARNING LIVE Networks from The Learning and Performance Institute.

During this event, we share our biggest failures and mistakes and the lessons we took from them. It’s no surprise that there are countless quotes about learning from mistakes, because everytime you fail, there’s an opportunity to learn. Professionals in learning know this and use this every day in their work. That’s why it’s time to celebrate those mistakes.

We’re doing this in a relaxed and informal way, with some drinks and snacks, and we invite everyone to share their fantastic short stories. These can be prepared stories or you can just climb the stage spontaneously. Regardless, everyone who shares a story gets big applause from the crowd. Interested? Sign up and join!

Who has an epic fail to share?

The event is aimed at all learning professionals who have a good story, great anecdote or epic fail to share, and who want to learn from the stories of others. At previous editions, we’ve heard fabulous failures from people like Charles Jennings, Jane Bozarth, Shannon Tipton, and David Kelly. Some people from the community have already signed up to share something at the upcoming event.

Join them and other learning professionals by signing up below. Let us know if you already know that you want to share your learning fail by sending a message to jos@anewspring.com.

Why you shouldn’t miss this event?

  • Through sharing, you’ll learn from your own mistakes and those of your fellow professionals.
  • Great follow-up and some winding down after LEARNING LIVE Networks.
  • Drinks, snacks, a special location, and great stories.
  • No success without failure. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

LFU Holland 2019:

Sign up for:
Learning Failures United – the UK-edition

Do you want to learn from your mistakes in a fun and relaxed way, and connect to interesting people from your field of work? Sign up now!

Event details:

October 8th, 2019 – 6:00 PM to 8.00 PM

Free, drinks included

The Merchant, 25-27 Fisherman’s Walk, Canary Wharf

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