Future-proof your training business

08 May 2019 – London, UK

Future-proof your training business

08 May 2019 – London, UK
from 12:00 till 18:00

How can a modern training business stay relevant in an industry that’s rapidly changing? And what skills, resources, and technology do you really need? Let’s find out, together.

Cost: Free

Please note; this event is invitation only. Contact us directly if you also wish to attend but have not received an invitation, yet.

What’s the event about?

‘Future-proof your training business’ is an invitation-only event for owners and directors of a training organisation. This also includes senior managers/directors of organisations that deliver training to their customers or their members. It will be an afternoon where you can learn from the speakers and network with other senior people from training businesses to learn from each other.

What can I expect?

The afternoon starts with a networking lunch. The programme will start at 1 pm with presentations from speakers who have relevant experience in the topic. The afternoon will be interactive, and there will be enough opportunity to share experiences and ask your specific questions. At the end of the day, we will finish with networking drinks to make sure you have the time to meet the speakers and your fellow participants.

We aim for you to walk away from the event with a clear understanding of market trends in the learning industry and to have a better understanding of what technologies, skills and resources you need and how others adopted them and learned from the experience.

The speakers

The speakers are chosen because of their relevant experience and their expertise in the topic:

Ger Driesen

Learning Innovation Leader

Ger will share data from the industry to show market trends and identify what training organisations need to be aware of to stay relevant.

Valli Rajagopal

Managing Director
Digital Learn

Valli will present the didactical models, skills and resources needed to set up a modern training operation.

Andrew Herbert

Executive Director of Finance

Andrew will share his experience of going through a selection process for learning technology.

Iain Dickens

Head of Educational Technology

Ian will discuss how training organisations should and could adopt technology.

Donald H Taylor

The Learning and Performance Institute

Donald H Taylor will discuss the new skills required in learning.

Why attend?

The event is relevant for senior managers/directors / CEOs of training organisations and for associations or membership organisations that deliver training to their members or customers.

Why should you come?

  • To understand what is needed to stay relevant and competitive in the training industry.
  • To have a better understanding what technologies, skills and resources you need and how others adopted this and learned from the experience.

London, 8 Fenchurch Place, London EC3M 4PB
(click here for directions)

On both days, registration and lunch starts at 12 noon. The programme finishes at 5 pm, followed by networking drinks till 6 pm.

The event is free to attend

Please note; this event is invitation only. Contact us directly if you also wish to attend but have not received an invitation, yet.

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