Future-Proof Your Training Business

From Silver to Gold

November 25th, 2021 – Online

Event summary – Webinar

Future-proof your training business
From Silver to Gold

November 25th 2021
2PM (14:00) – till 5PM (17:00) GMT

How can a modern training business stay relevant in an industry that’s rapidly changing? And what skills, resources, and technology do you really need? Let’s find out, together..
For whom:
The event is relevant for owners / CEO’s / directors / senior managers of training organisations and for associations or membership organisations that deliver training to their members or customer

Training providers agree that the trend is going blended. Examples exist of a 95% increase in profitability with a blended model. But how does that affect your marketing?

How can you make it profitable?
What new skills do you need to learn?

Join us in the 5th edition of FPYTB and learn from leading industry experts what actions you can implement to elevate your training business from silver to gold.

Network with your peers, learn what others are doing and share your own experiences. We do this because we sincerely want the training community to thrive and you to create impact for your learners.

What’s the event about?

“Future-Proof Your Training Business” provides Directors of Training Providers with strategic information to run their business. This is the 5th edition of the event, which started in 2018. We want to keep it a free event and support the training community.

Through our work with training providers we collect a lot of data and shared experience. This enables us to share and train but also to connect companies with relevant partners

Confirmed Speakers for the webinar

Myles Runham


Independent Consultant at Myles Runham Digital & Learning. Helping organisations navigate their digital environment.

Myles has been working in and around the web for over 20 years in many roles from marketing and product development to senior leadership in a variety of sectors, including time at the BBC as Head of Digital for the BBC Academy and as Head of Interactive Learning. He works as an independent consultant helping organisations make the most of the digital world. Particular areas of focus include advising businesses on: digital learning strategy; product development and management; data and analytics; adopting and applying user focused design approaches and developing the capabilities for effective digital change.

Edmund Papworth


Chief Financial Officer
at Social Value Portal

Edmund is an experienced Partner, Director and Non-Executive Director with a passion for renewable infrastructure, urban design and promoting high quality manufacturing. He is skilled in business planning, management, renewable energy, business development and finance. After completing his Chartered Accountancy training and working in the Project Finance team at Grant Thornton UK LLP, Edmund followed his passion for designing, developing, and delivering renewable energy projects, in solar and more recently in unlocking renewable heating projects.

Simon Wallis


Head of People & Development at Newtyne Consultancy and Training Limited. Director and Trustee – Lothian Community Transport Services.

A Learning and Development specialist by trade, Simon has worked in both public and private sectors within the UK. Most of his career has been in the transport industry, designing and delivering vocational learning and change programmes for front line employees. Right now, Simon is a key member of the leadership team at Newtyne (a specialist data and analytics organisation, headquartered in Edinburgh, UK) supporting the transformation of its learning solutions provision through implementation of an engaging and comprehensive Digital Learning Platform.

But, “glitzy tech” and “digital tools” aside, Simon’s true passion resides in creating winning cultures where people can learn, thrive and are intrinsically motivated to perform at their best.

Why attend?

The event is relevant for senior managers/directors, CEOs of training organisations and for associations or membership organisations that deliver training to their members or customers.

Why should you come?

  • Find out how to properly methodically price your training courses (finally!)
  • Understand what good marketing looks like and how to utilize it to satisfy your customers
  • Have the opportunity to network with dozens of people and potential partners


The event is free to attend

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Future-proof your training business
From Silver to Gold

November 25th 2021
2PM (14:00) – till 5PM (17:00) GMT

Training Delivery Strategy
45min discussion with 15min networking

The right pricing method
45min discussion with 15min networking

Skills needed for a successful training business
40min discussion with 20min Q&A