The 2021
aNewSpring Awards!

Going virtual
Going international
Going to be awesome

Who has created

The Most Inspiring Learning Journey of the year?

On April 22nd in the afternoon, we will once again host the aNewSpring Awards. Like everything in the world, this year’s edition will be different. It will still be the most aNewSpring-y event of the year, but this is how it will look like:

  • A completely virtual event from 2:00 to 5 PM (CET)
    check to see the time in your timezone
  • A range of practical workshops
  • Lots of networking with fellow aNewSpring users
  • Including the (almost) famous aNewSpring Quiz
  • Just three finalists, picked from the shortlist by our expert panel

Want to see who is nominated? Take a look at the shortlist »

Join the aNewSpring Award event

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today (April 22nd) as a virtual visitor?

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Our expert panel, consisting of:

Stella Collins
Stellar Labs
CLO and co-founder
Website | LinkedIn

Michael Strawbridge
Global Head of Content
Website | LinkedIn

Nicole van de Ven-Smeelen
Winner of 2020 aNS Awards
Website | LinkedIn

Ger Driesen
Learning Innovation Leader
Blog | LinkedIn

🥁 Drum roll, please!
The nominees for the 2021 aNewSpring Awards are in!

From dozens of sign-ups, we now have a shortlist of 14 nominees

These 14 companies are in the race for eternal glory: the award for Most Inspring Learning Journey 2021.
Congratulations for taking the first step!

In alphabetical order:
✔️ ARMSA Academy 🇬🇧
✔️ Beeckestijn Business School 🇳🇱
✔️ G4S 🇳🇱
✔️ GITP | Geeft inzicht en ontwikkeling 🇳🇱
✔️ Kompas Veiligheidsgroep BV 🇳🇱
✔️ LAS (LearningAge Solutions Ltd) 🇬🇧
✔️ Leerpunt KOEL 🇳🇱
✔️ Litop B.V. 🇳🇱
✔️ NIMO Project Management Instituut & NIMO Academy 🇳🇱
✔️ Pink Elephant EMEA 🇬🇧
✔️ Rotterdamse Plus 🇳🇱
✔️ Royal Mission 🇳🇱
✔️ STC Group 🇳🇱
✔️ SVO vakopleiding food 🇳🇱

Now it’s up to our panel of expert judges to select the best three!

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