The 2022

aNewSpring Awards

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on Thursday, March 24nd, 2022

Event summary

The 2022 aNewSpring Awards
Thursday, March 24nd, 2022
Online and/or Rotterdam, the Netherlands
The aNewSpring Awards is the place to be for everyone that works with the platform and we hope to show that we are much more than software.
For whom:
aNewSpring users and customers worldwide, current and former, members and friends of the aNewSpring family, and everyone else that works with the aNewSpring learning platform or is interested in seeing the best examples of learning journeys.

Online and/or at an inspiring site in our hometown of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Details will follow.

The 2022 edition of the aNewSpring Awards promises to be the biggest yet. The live show is accessible online from all over the world, and true aNewSpring aficionado’s can also join in-person in Rotterdam.

Get the full aNewSpring experience and find out who created the most inspiring learning journey of the year.

At the annual aNewSpring Awards you will find tons of inspiration for getting the most out of the aNewSpring platform. You can vote for the best learning journey of the year or you can compete to win it yourself. And you can meet fellow users, fans and aNewSpring employees. As always, it promises to be one big international aNewSpring party where you, the users, are the centre of attention.

This year, whatever happens it is live online, but the goal is to make it an awesome hybrid event. Sign up here as a visitor or nominate your learning journey to be a candidate!

What to expect?

  • An international afternoon event to connect, be inspired and share your knowledge.
  • A live, online show that, when possible, will be synchronised and mixed with an in-person show.
  • Three finalists present their case for Most Inspiring Learning Journey of the Year. Want to be a candidate? Click here!
  • You as visitors decide who wins by voting during the event.
  • Expect to learn, interact and be activated around how to use the aNewSpring platform.
  • Entertainment, aNewSpring style

Is it online or in-person?

We are aiming at a combination of both; hybrid. But of course we don’t know that for sure yet. In any case, the 2022 aNewSpring Awards will go on online. If circumstances permit, we will go for a hybrid form. That means that it is also possible to physically attend the event. We combine the online and ‘offline’ parts into one and the same (fantastic) show.

How does that work with registration?
We’re making it as simple as possible. Whether you want to join us online or in-person, or if you’re not sure yet: fill out the form. As soon as we know more about what’s possible, we’ll get back to you. Think of it as a ‘save the date’ or booking that you will be there without a doubt!

Sign-up as a visitor

What is it like to attend the aNewSpring Awards?

Imagine filling an Olympic sized pool with nothing but aNewSpring and you would jump right into it..! Yes yes, I know what you are thinking and no, I have no clue either what that would look like. Are there content parts, activities and templates swimming around like fish-type thingies? Are there bits and bytes floating in it? Do they even float? Does it smell like spring? Is it blue..?

Of course, this is just an (weird) attempt to explain what fully immersing yourself in the aNewSpring Awards experience would be like. Wait! Maybe it is more like an aNewSpring theme park! Yes, Memotrainer-rollercoaster…! Sorry sorry, I am getting carried away. You get the idea.

The aNewSpring Awards is the place to be for everyone that works with the platform and we hope to show that we are much more than software.

Enter as a candidate

Are you a candidate for the Award?

Do you think your organisation has made the best learning journey of the year? Nominate yourself for the aNewSpring Awards by filling in the form and press the “ I WANT TO WIN ” button as hard as you can. You will then receive instructions on how to enter.

Based on all entries we will make a shortlist that will be presented to an independent jury. They will choose the three best ones who will compete during the show to be chosen as the winner.

Entries can be submitted until Friday, February 4th, 2022 at the latest. The shortlist will be announced in the week of February 7th.

Do you have any questions?
Get in touch with your CSM or Stefan at