We are thrilled to announce that the European Union has granted aNewSpring a subsidy for the project: ‘aNewSpring, a ‘green meadow’ for growth and development’. The European Social Fund subsidy will support the realization of this project.

aNewSpring, a ‘green meadow’ with a lurking challenge
As an employer, aNewSpring takes its responsibility to promote a healthy learning and working environment. Another important factor within aNewSpring is the informal teamwork and the creation of a sense of freedom. This guiding framework is also known as the ‘green meadow’. The metaphor ‘green meadow’ represents the space and guidelines to utilise the strength, potential and ambition of individual employees to its fullest extent. This should translate to a culture where job satisfaction, personal development, sense of freedom and growth go hand in hand with aNewSpring. In the coming years aNewSpring is geared towards growth as well as entering the international market. aNewSpring also regards this as an opportunity for its employees to further develop within their respective positions but also a lurking challenge. This challenge characterizes itself as a demanding environment where extra attention for a healthy workload is imperative. In such an environment, stress levels can increase and might result in a negative influence on the work floor. With the ‘green meadow’ project aNewSpring intends to protect its employees for this, and at the same time prepare the team for the (near) feature.

Developing and growing in the ‘green meadow’
The project has also ensured that aNewSpring has made the desired growth ambitions and objectives of its employees clear. This insight will be used as input in order to match the chances of international growth with the ambitions and qualities of employees. Additionally, it will provide a path to further improve the open and cooperative focused work environment. This insight is made clear through frequent bilateral interviews, team meetings and personality tests (MBTI). Since aNewSpring continuously expands its team the personality test has become part of the application procedure.

Have, fun get results in the ‘green meadow’
For 2016, the ‘green meadow’ project already made a significant impact. This is because the aNewSpring team works with year and quarter themes with the aim to create clarity about the expectations for each employee. Doing so will make everyone within aNewSpring aware of his or her recognisable contribution(s) and achievements for the bigger picture. The theme of this year is: ‘Have fun, get results’ and the theme for the first quarter is: ‘Have fun, be responsible and get results’. The first month of the year has already passed and the challenges definitely do not lie in the first part of the themes.

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