Online training has changed forever since last year

This guide is a result of a special strategy session at the end of 2020 with some fifty CEOs, directors, owners and senior managers of the largest trainers in the Benelux.

The central question was: “How are training providers preparing for 2021?”. In addition to strategic advice and valuable insights, it brought together a community that does not actually meet often, but is very useful to each other.

Discover what blended learning should look like in 2021, the role of retraining and further training, which questions should you ask yourself as a trainer, which practical examples can you learn from? This and much more will be discussed.

This guide is not a crystal ball, but with so much training wisdom put together you will give yourself the best chance of success as a trainer.

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Improve learning design with Jobs-to-be-Done: Three reasons why

We’ve shared several articles on Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) over the past few years. But here’s a quick refresher along with some links throughout the article to where you can find them should the need arise.

Ger’s Learning Notes #54: Content curation

“Searching for content on the internet is like drinking from a fire hose!” is a saying often used to introduce content curation. Some people believe there’s no need to create any new content anymore; everything already exists and can be found on the internet. Need a ‘how-to’ video? Just look it up on YouTube. Others agree that there is a lot of content available, but most of it can be quite generic and not contextualised. Therefore it’s not as relevant. If it’s not relevant for the user, it has little value.

Ger’s Learning Notes #53: Learning Podcasts

“Podcasts are hotter than an American setting on a thermostat in Europe,” is a quote I heard recently. It’s a nice tool to keep up with new topics and insights regarding certain professions. As learning and development professionals, we are blessed to have a whole range of interesting podcasts about our profession. In previous editions of my Learning Notes, you could find some specific podcasts that covered one of the central topics of that episode.

The start of World Learning Content Clean-up Day

Today, we launch the World Learning Content Clean-up Day. From now on, every March 21 will be focused on how you can update and refresh the learning content you have produced before. Join the movement, share the message, and tell us all about your best tips, tricks and experiences.

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