They are present in every sector of industry, people that are always one step ahead of you. Those people become very powerful when they also have the gift to predict what their target market needs half a year from now. When we’re talking about online communication training we are, in both cases, talking about Jojanneke van den Bosch, founder and owner of Eos Online Communication. She’s working with aNewSpring for 7 years now, 4 of which on her own product.

“It was a no brainer that I wanted to work with great technique. Because I already knew aNewSpring and all its features for a couple of years the choice was an easy one.” – Jojanneke van den Bosch

Pioneer in online communication training

8 years ago Jojanneke started giving online strategy training, workshops and lectures. Face to face, like people were used to then. But the subject she spoke about always had something to do with the internet. In 2007 Jojanneke was introduced to aNewSpring, and –as she says it herself – fell in love with the product.

“I got to know aNewSpring being an external advisor for them. Together we worked on an online strategy for aNewSpring and their smart e-learning product. About 4 years ago I felt it was time to also ‘go online’ and spread my knowledge to professionals the way aNewSpring was doing. Setting up e-learning would mean that I wouldn’t have to explain everything a thousand times in separate trainings, but that I could make my expertise sustainable and transferrable. I thought that would be great, because it’s a lot of knowledge and information. And of course it was a no brainer that I wanted to do that with great technique. Because I already knew aNewSpring and all its features for a couple of years that choice was an easy one.”

Learning in the smartest way, but also one that is social and nice

“The course Online Communication & Social Media teaches professionals to communicate better online by letting them create a solid online strategy for themselves. They also learn to use social media effectively. This method makes sure that every learner ends up with their own unique custom made strategy, which they practice using social media. Plus, after completing the course they are able to advise their employers and clients much better.”

Jojanneke was the first one in the world that offered a course like this online, and still the only one that offers it with social learning. “I want my learners to learn the smartest way, but I also want it to be a way that’s social and nice. Learners meet each other in the learning environment and actively discuss the content. That works really good, stimulates the group spirit and motivates them. Plus, knowledge is stored in the long term memory, discussions are neatly filed and, despite of the social element, the focus is on the learning process. So it’s a combination of strong technique with a social aspect, and that works the best for me and my learners.”


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There’s so much more than just online classes

Jojanneke is also very happy with the learning journeys in aNewSpring. “Lately there is a lot of attention in the media and on blogs for online classes, almost like something genius was invented. Online classes are nice, but this doesn’t mean there is a learning journey. Students don’t learn better or more effective. A learning journey consists of multiple activities, a rich and complete experience for the learner. And that’s what I can offer with aNewSpring and my unique course.”

The OnlineComm Academy: all in one

At the moment Eos Online Communication works with the OnlineComm Academy that will integrate the course Online Communication & Social Media. They will also add the SocialSuite, a special alumni community. In this SocialSuite members can discuss innovation, updates and everything social. They can also attend real life masterclasses, webinars and other events.

“To keep developing myself and stay motivated I get inspired by people in the same business, and of course keep track of technical developments worldwide. I also think it’s good to observe ideas from other professionals, because I like to keep myself sharp. It stimulates me to keep innovating and get the best out of my product. Actually: in my course I’ve added a workshop that’s about that, it’s called: ‘Outsmart your teacher’. I think that’s really cool. You get on the same level as your learners and take the journey together. I support them during the whole case and development of the strategy. And aNewSpring makes a lot possible there, technically. That’s a great partnership.”

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