Sometimes a book ís judged by its cover

A clear, attractive house style determines the first impression that your participants have of your online training. It evokes associations, and these must be positive. The use of colour plays a major role in this. If you choose green, it evokes the association of sustainability. Does black suit you better? That stands for authority and elegance. But that’s not all, there are many more #toptips to consider.

“Post-it note overviews help you to visualise the learning journey and quickly move sections around, to optimise the learning!”

Make your learning solution even better

In this manual – written by Everybody Can Design – you will gain insight into how to apply design, as well as learn how to find a consistent look and feel that fits with the identity of your company. This will help you read and understand information… leading to more successful learning journeys. Anyone can design, and so can you!

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