Do you like to help people make the right choices and are you a good listener, not afraid to ask the right questions? Do you have qualities such as being a connector, are you energetic and enthusiastic? Do you like to dive into a well-stocked CRM system to spot opportunities there? Can you distinguish between a potentially fitting customer and a lesser fit? Do you think customer relationships are important and do you have what it takes to get customers interested in our learning platform?

About the company that’s all about learning

At aNewSpring, we do everything we can to make learning fun and effective. Our software for professional educators helps them create beautiful, effective and varied Learning Journeys. We work with a no-nonsense approach and believe in an open, positive and respectful collaboration. This approach allows us to continuously improve and offer our clients a better experience. Besides that, this mindset has led to an eNPS, that hasn’t dipped below 48 in the past 12 months and is currently even 61!

Our approach has allowed us to grow from a small start-up to a fast-growing SaaS company over the past ten years, with thousands of customers and even more satisfied students already. We are a Dutch company, based in Rotterdam, with offices and partners in our main regions (UK, Australia and South Africa).

How will you contribute to our mission?

In our well-stocked CRM you will look for contacts that have diminished over time or have never been properly addressed. Where you see opportunities, you start a conversation and create a contact where you actively listen to the customer’s questions, their needs, wishes and possible pain points. These customer contacts will consist of calling, emailing and making contact via LinkedIn.

You make the distinction between a good and maybe less good fit, whereby it is important you do manage to leave a good feeling about aNewSpring with the latter group. You pass on the qualified opportunities to your Account Executive, who can really build on the information you’ve given.

Of course you log all conversations and data neatly in Hubspot – our CRM – so that your colleagues always know what is going on. And you make maximum use of the technology that the CRM offers.

What is our SDR responsible for?

  • Reactivate inactive contacts.
  • Contact people by telephone, email and LinkedIn.
  • Create awareness, start a conversation while adding real value and find out about the customer’s requirements, needs and pains.
  • Deliver a well qualified opportunity to you AE.
  • Participate actively in our own and external events.
  • Use (and improve) lead scoring to find interesting contacts.
  • Use sequences to automate your first contact moment.
  • Track and monitor your work with Hubspot
  • You share internal feedback from your customers about our product and services

As a result, you are vital in continuing our growth. In short, you’ll be key in us outgrowing our office.

Who are you?

  • You recognize yourself in our core values: open, no-nonsense, win-win, fun, taking responsibility, continuously improving, ‘eigen wijsheid’ and relaxed feedback.
  • Proven skills in working with a CRM, preferably Hubspot
  • You have good social skills, you call and write easily
  • You are good at spotting matches and mismatches
  • Experience in the work field of EdTech, trainers and training companies is a plus
  • You are good at active listening
  • You are fluent in both Dutch and English, in speech and writing

Are you that person? Let’s talk!

A new employer in corona time. How does that work?

No worries. Online training is our core business remember?

We have built our systems and processes entirely on remote working. We have a ‘Preboarding Learning Journey’ about our culture and methods. Plus an online onboarding programme which we complete together.

Take Hilde, who started with us in October 2020 as our Campaign Marketeer: “When Corona took off for a second spin, I started working at aNewSpring. So I was onboarded completely  from home and got to know the organization like that. 

The onboarding went very well, help was offered on many sides and everyone takes the time to help you grow. I was consciously sought out and everyone shared their enthusiasm about the organization and worked extremely hard on a beautiful platform.

After the induction period, colleagues are happy to help. For me it feels like a warm bath and I think it speaks for the organization that you get a lot of appreciation for the work you do. Everyone is deemed important and you really feel that. The atmosphere in the company is very inviting and friendly!”

What do we have to offer?

  • Autonomy to make your work really yours
  • Lots of flexibility, for example to work remotely
  • Do-it-yourself pension provision, with professional advice
  • 25 vacation days
  • A fitting salary according to the Baarda salary scale as “Specialist” (€ 2.604 – € 3.720 gross p / month)
  • Laptop and such to set up your home office
  • And lastly, a super nice workplace in the heart of Rotterdam with the absolute best view, lunches and table tennis

Are you interested?

Looking for a career at a fast growing company in EdTech? Can’t wait to get started as our SDR?

Please send your CV and motivation letter for the attention of Natasja Vuik, our HR representative, to with the subject: “Application SDR”.

Specifically for this job opening: As part of our selection process, you’ll be given a number of real world scenarios to assess your experience.

Great, you’ve decided to apply! What is next…?

Within 3 working days you will receive a confirmation of your application per e-mail. Sometimes even within half an hour, but we cannot guarantee this (we can guarantee 3 days). In that e-mail our standard application procedure is further explained.

And, a condition for being hired is a positive Statement of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag) by the Dutch Dept. of Justice.

Intermediaries are asked not to respond to this vacancy.

Who are you going to work with:

When we welcome a new customer to sales, it is really a team effort. We even have a gong to celebrate this success together!


Within Marketing and Sales we work as a team and we want to approach everyone who comes into contact with aNewSpring with a positive, no-nonsense and open attitude. That makes us happy, and them too.

JosContentmarketeer and Head of events

The aNewSpring team is very close. We all strive to inspire our customers and to share in our successes. In my position as Office Assistant I support my colleagues where I can and I am responsible for the ins and outs of the office across the various departments.

CoosjeOffice Assistant

Our product:

Our office:

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