At aNewSpring, we are looking for an enthusiastic Full Stack Developer. Your mission will be to make sure our platform keeps on expanding in a stable way and to bring it to the next level in a modern-day cloud infrastructure.

Are we looking for you? The field of development has no secrets for you! You are a professional like no other when it comes to Java. Can you help us migrate our application to be cloud-native, for example using Docker containers, and do you have an idea about how to transition an existing application to use microservices? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

About the company that’s all about learning

At aNewSpring, we do everything we can to make learning fun and effective. Our software for professional training providers helps them create beautiful, effective and varied Learning Journeys. We work with a no-nonsense approach and believe in open, positive and respectful collaboration. This approach allows us to improve continuously and offer our clients a better experience. Besides that, this mindset has led to an eNPS, that hasn’t dipped below 48 in the past 12 months and is currently even at 60!

This way of working has allowed us to grow from a small start-up to a fast-growing SaaS company over the past ten years, with thousands of customers and even more satisfied students already. We are a Dutch company, based in Rotterdam, with offices and partners in our main regions (UK, Australia and South Africa).

How will you contribute to our mission?

Together with your Scrum team of Developers, a QA Engineer and a Designer, you’ll need to balance how the feature will fit into the current architecture of the code, adhere to the quality standard you’ve agreed on and how it will be finished on time of course. Or would you even challenge us to use a different architectural approach than our current one by convincing us of its benefits?

Do you have experience in writing Docker containers for monolithic applications? Or do you know how to split up a monolith into several smaller microservices? Your insights in those areas are highly appreciated, as those are the things we will need in order to keep expanding globally.

What is our Developer responsible for?

  • Keeping the application running at all times, in a multi-region infrastructure
  • Maintaining and improving the architecture of the platform
  • Introducing new tools and techniques allowing us to stay ahead of the competition and on par with industry standards
  • Delivering high quality code and holding others to the same high standards
  • Working together with the team of designers, quality assurance engineers and product owners to deliver the best features possible
  • Working closely with our Support Heroes to fix any incoming issues as quickly and well as possible

Who are you?

You like working on the entire development process, from designing to implementation and testing. You are not a follower but you know how to stick to a plan and execute it. You’re up for a challenge and you come up with your own creative solutions. You are a team player, analytical, result orientated and love to learn, which is what makes you and aNewSpring a perfect fit.

You have at least five years of experience building Java web applications with a strong understanding of MySQL. Any experience with Apache Tomcat, AWS Services and Docker containers is highly valued, as is a proven experience with app-development using the Cordova-framework. You are fluent in English and preferably Dutch, another language like Macedonian, Serbian or Portuguese is a nice plus for communicating more closely with your colleagues over there. You live in the Netherlands, or are willing to relocate.

Are you that person? Let’s talk!

A new employer in times of a corona pandemic. How does that work?

No worries. Online training is our core business, remember? We have built our systems and processes entirely on remote working. We have a ‘Preboarding Learning Journey’ about our culture and methods. Plus an online onboarding programme which we complete together.

Take Anastasia, who started working with us in April 2021 as a proud developer:
“When I started, I felt welcomed by everyone. There was a warm greeting and even a cake on my first day, even though it was corona time and very few people were in the office. aNewSpring has really shown enthusiasm for working with me, no less than I was enthusiastic myself! And that engaged me even more.

My onboarding went very smoothly: aNewSpring has a learning journey for that on their own platform, which makes it easy and fun, and introduces a part of the platform at the same time, which is useful. And after that my team lead and the team guided me well to start my work. They are all very kind and helpful whenever I have a question.

Working from home is never an issue for aNewSpring – the workflow is organised very well. And the overall atmosphere in the company is very inviting and friendly!”

What do we have to offer?

  • Autonomy to make your work really yours
  • Lots of flexibility, for example to work remotely
  • Do-it-yourself pension provision, with professional advice
  • 25 vacation days
  • A fitting salary according to the Baarda salary scale as “Specialist” (€3.100 – € 4.720 gross p / month)
  • Laptop and such to set up your home office
  • And lastly, a super nice workplace in the heart of Rotterdam with the absolute best view, lunches and table tennis

Are you interested?

Can’t wait to get started as our Full Stack Developer?

Please send your CV and motivation letter for the attention of Natasja Vuik, our HR representative, to with the subject: “Application Full Stack Developer”.

Great, you’ve decided to apply! What is next…?

Within three working days you will receive a confirmation of your application by e-mail. Sometimes even within half an hour, but we cannot guarantee this (we can guarantee three days). In that email, our standard application procedure is explained further.

Specifically for this job opening: As part of the second step in our selection process, you’ll be asked to take a technical test to assess your skills.

And, a condition for being hired is a positive Statement of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag) by the Dutch Dept. of Justice.

Intermediaries are asked not to respond to this vacancy.

Who are you going to work with:

As a team we like working with people that have a passion for what they do, people that are eager to improve our product and have a good time doing so. I think those are the best environments to work in!

Rik AchterbergProduct Designer

We have a positive attitude, we’re dedicated and are always willing to help each other! We welcome new ideas, always want to learn and improve our code and processes.

Katalin Boer-SorbanDeveloper / Scrum master

Our product:

Our office:

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