We are looking for an enthusiastic Data Scientist / BI Analyst

Your mission at aNewSpring would be to ensure that we all make better decisions by using all the data we have at our disposal. In this way you contribute to growth, innovation and above all more value for our customers.

You can help our organization in taking a next step up the data maturity ladder by being responsible for:

  • getting real value from data through expertise and advice;
  • building models that really help aNewSpring;
  • presenting information with data visualization techniques;
  • and of course the good old data collection, storage, pre-processing and analysis.

Do you have at least three years of work experience in the data domain and you are looking for the next step in your career? Please read on.

About us

At aNewSpring we do everything we can to make learning fun and effective. We build inspiring software for professional educators to create beautiful and effective Learning Journeys. Our software makes building a wide variety of Learning Journeys super easy for our customers, ranging from courses in personal development, management skills to safety courses.

In 10 years we have grown from a small start-up to a fast-growing SaaS company with thousands of customers and even more satisfied students. We are based in Rotterdam, with offices and partners in our main regions (UK, Australia and South Africa). Will you join us?

What do you bring?

You have the experience and the personality to give shape and meaning to the job yourself. As an organization, we would like to take the data-driven path and take the next step towards maturity in that domain.

More specifically: we want to move from ad hoc and in silos to integrated and company-wide insights from both internal and external data. Shoot for the moon, aim for the stars. No one has preceded you in this position yet, so you need to be a solid professional and a builder. You work closely with and for other teams and management. You maintain short lines of communication with Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Development. But you also easily do business with the business controller, CTO and COO.

You are skilled in communicatively giving flavour to (sometimes dry) data and analyses. You can switch between practical and strategic in 0.01 second. You are quite willing to dirty your hands as far as the technique is concerned, but can also zoom out if necessary. If one hears “curious” then one automatically looks at you.

Some of your responsibilities:

  • Shaping data policy and strategy
  • Identifying valuable data
  • (Automatic) collection processes of data
  • Pre-processes of structured and unstructured data
  • Analyzing information to discover trends and patterns
  • Building (predictive) models, reports and dashboards
  • Presenting information with data visualization techniques
  • Support and train others in the interpretation of data and models

Are you that person? Let’s talk.

What do you bring to the table?

  • Completed university education in a quantitative direction. (e.g. data science, artificial intelligence, econometrics, statistics or mathematics).
  • At least 3 years of experience in the data domain as, for example, a data analyst, scientist or engineer.
  • Experience with (implementing) relevant stack from (cloud) data warehousing to BI tooling.
  • You have experience with languages such as: SQL, R and / or Python.
  • You have experience with tools such as: Excel, PowerBI and / or Tableau.
  • You are able to enthuse, convince and work together on a data-driven aNewSpring.
  • You enjoy working in a team, but you can also work independently. You are a self-starter.
  • Excellent command of both Dutch and English, spoken and written.

A new employer in corona time. How does that work?

No worries. Online training is our core business remember?

We have built our systems and processes entirely on remote working. We have a “Preboarding Learning Journey” about our culture and methods. Plus an online onboarding with which we support new colleagues.

Take Pascalle, she started with us in the Marketing Team in March, so she was trained remotely. She writes about this: “Despite the fact that I was started my job from home, I did not have the feeling that I was alone. My colleagues made me feel very welcome and daily contact moments ensured I was kept in the loop. Everything was very well organized and I was up and running in no time.

What do we have to offer?

  • Salary according to the Baarda salary scale as “Medior Professional” (€ 3.980 – € 5.685 gross p / month)
  • Do-it-yourself pension provision, with professional advice
  • 25 Vacation days
  • Laptop
  • Lots of flexibility, for example to work remotely
  • Of course a super nice workplace in the heart of Rotterdam.

Are you interested?

Would you like to start working with us? Send your CV and motivation letter for the attention of Yvo van Heijningen to work@anewspring.nl with the subject: “Application Data Scientist / BI Analyst”.

Intermediaries are asked not to respond to this vacancy

Great, you’ve decided to apply! What is next…?

Within 3 working days you will receive a confirmation of your application per e-mail. Sometimes even within half an hour, but we cannot guarantee this (we can guarantee 3 days). In that e-mail our application procedure is further explained.

A personality test (MBTI) is part of the application procedure. This position is only meant for direct candidates, solicitation by employment agencies will not be accepted.

Who are you going to work with:

Despite working remotely, we remain a real team. We all strive not only to bring in new customers, but also to inspire our current customers and let them share in our successes.

Callista de SterkeWebmaster

Within marketing and Sales we work as a team and we want to approach everyone who comes into contact with aNewSpring with a positive, no-nonsense and open attitude. That makes us happy, and they too.

Jos BerdenContentmarketeer and Head of events

The aNewSpring team is very close. We all strive to inspire our customers and to share in our successes. In my position as Office Assistant I support my colleagues where I can and I am responsible for the ins and outs of the office across the various departments.

CoosjeOffice Assistant

Our product:

Our office:

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