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aNewSpring is developing quickly and has a lot of ambitions for the coming years. We are looking for talented people to help us grow.

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Talent Engineer


At aNewSpring we are looking for a driven Corporate Recruiter a.k.a. Talent Engineer. It will be your mission to find the right candidates for our vacancies and to help grow the talent we already have in-house.

Are we looking for you? Does your heart beat faster at Talent Engineering? Are you looking for the next step in your career in HR at a fast-growing EdTech company? Are you a creative professional in recruitment? Did you just say “yes!” three times loudly? against your screen? Then read on, because then we are probably looking for you.

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Product Marketing Lead

Our mission is to empower the learning journeys of millions of people around the world and take our growth to the next level. To help us succeed we are looking for an experienced, energetic and creative Product Marketing Lead. Your mission will be to make our product story, positioning and proposition clear, compelling and inspiring to our core audiences.

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Full Stack Developer

The field of development has no secrets for you! You are a professional like no other when it comes to Java. Can you help us migrate our application to be cloud-native, for example using Docker containers, and do you have an idea about how to transition an existing application to use microservices? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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Business Development Lead

We are looking for a driven Business Development Lead for International Partners. Your mission will be to contribute to our growth and scalability by finding and contracting new partners.

Are we looking for you? Are you the unbeatable professional in driving and scaling Sales, opening doors no other person would see, let alone open? All because you have an experienced business sense, that will let you see the potential leverage a specific partner, region or segment can have for the growth of aNewSpring. Looking for a next step in your career at a fast growing company in EdTech? You’ve come to the right place.

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We are always open to your ideas. Are you convinced you can add value to our team and our product? Then we’d like to hear why! Send us your open application (work@anewspring.nl) and tell us what makes you an unique and essential addition to our organization.

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Why should you come on board

Growing company

aNewSpring is a growing company in a growing sector. Every day we strive to improve ourselves and our product.

Helpful colleagues

A team of helpful, smart, funny and cool colleagues will be there for you to get you started and help you when needed.

Attractive salary

Just like at any company, we reward you with euro’s, feedback and compliments.

Delicious lunch

We serve a delicious and healthy lunch for the entire team, every day. We even have a special ‘lunch department’ to keep everyone happy.

Easy to reach office

Our office is easy to reach by public transport. You can also come by bike and park it in our secure parking garage.

Mental breaks

A little mental break; play a game of ping pong or take it easy in our real ‘powernap chair’.